Thor: Ragnarok: Crazy 70/80s Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie


thor ragnarok crazy 70 80s sci fi fantasy Thor: Ragnarok: Crazy 70/80s Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie

Director Taika Waititi particpated in a Reddit Q&A with fans and talked about Thor: Ragnarok. Below you can check out the relevant portions where Waititi mentions Thor: Ragnarok will be crazy as well as closer to a 70/80s sci-fi fantasy and more.

“Thor: Raganarok” has a November 3, 2017 release directed by Taika Waititi starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk/Banner, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Cate Blanchett as Hela, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster,  Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Sam Neill in an unknown role. 

Kevin Feige said that Thor: Ragnarok would be the Winter Soldier of the MCU’s Phase 3 movies. Care to elaborate on that?

Taika Waititi: Jeez. I better see Winter Soldier… no joke. 

Will Thor: Ragnarok meld well with the previous two movies, or will it stand on its own?

I have no idea. It will be a nice addition to the Taika Waititi box-set though.

Can we expect some of the same brand of humor in Thor? If so, were you ever given a hard time about certain scenes or lines?

You can expect a Taika-esque tone. They’ve been very accepting of my style.

Why does the title card for Thor look like it was pulled from a retro video game?

In case there’s a retro style video game spin-off.

Considering the retro logo, can we expect an 80’s vibe in Thor: Ragnarok?

You can. And more

How much influence/involvement did MARVEL have on the plot leading into infinity war?

Marvel have a huge influence on the story. They know the universe way better than I do.

Was it your decision to completely change the Thor logo and to leave out the “Ö” and if so- what inspired the style?

The style is inspired by 70s / 80s sci-fi fantasy art. Because our film feels like that.

Do you like, actually watch Marvel Cinematic Universe movies? And if you do, which one is your favourite?

I do watch them! Guardians is my favourite.

What have you planned for Thor: Ragnarok to make it stand out from the other Marvel films? Also, compared to your other films, how humorous will it be?

I think TR will be one of the most adventurous and most “out there” of all the marvel movies. It’s a crazy movie.

Will you be doing a press tour in the states for Thor:Ragnarok?

I hope so. I can’t trust the actors to reliably promote this thing.

How polite is Tom Hiddleston? How cheeky is Chris Hemsworth?

Tom is very polite but has a cheeky streak. Chris has a heart of gold. Actual gold. He had it made and installed in his chest when he got paid for RUSH.

Whose idea what the short of Thor during Civil War?

Mine and my producer.

What is it like being in the presence of Cate Blanchett?


Hello Taika. In Making Thor 3, did you make efforts to make it similar or dissimilar to the previous Thor films? As in, did you try to maintain the same elements, or did you try to make it more unique? Thanks

I made an effort to ignore the fact there are other Thor films.

Chris Hemsworth is really funny. How much of his comedy chops are utilised in THOR: RAGNAROK?

All of them.

What was the coolest shot you were able to pull off on Thor: Ragnarok (before VFX work) due to the gear available on a big-budget flick?

We have an amazing shot that took a bunch of mathematicians and scientists (nerds) a couple of months to figure out. We’re also using a rig called Satelight that has never been used in a movie before.

Will your Thor film retain any semblance of the series’ Shakespearesque-ishness?

No. Well maybe. But not in earnest.

I love debating strength levels and feats of these characters in battle scenarios, so naturally I’d like to know why the movie versions of Thor, and for the most part super hero’s in general, have to be downplayed and made purposely weaker than their comic book counterparts? Why go from Thor lifting half of Asgard up with brute strength in the comics to Thor in the movies who likely would have trouble lifting a large truck in the films?

I think it’s because you then have to figure out how to make a challenge for Thor. If he’s THAT strong then maybe people can’t relate to him. I guess I’m saying I don’t really know!

Can you say anything about the overall tone of Thor: Ragnarok?

The tone is very different. Think CRAZY.

Hi! I rely enjoyed the Thor and Darryl sketch and I wanted to ask if there is any chance for another one with any of the other avengers?

That would be a dream come true. I’d love to actually make a bunch of them.

I had two questions about Rangarok: Does Tessa Thompson’s character have a big part, or is it more of a cameo to set up later movies (I know Marvel is fond of doing this with certain new characters)?

She has a decent sized role.

Hey Taika! I’m super excited for Thor 3 and what you’ll be bringing to the table. What’s been your favorite part of making the movie so far?

It’s been an insane amount of fun. I get to laugh and mess about with really cool people. I’m sad the shoot is about to finish. Only 3 more weeks to go!

Which character or actor is going to steal the show in your opinion?


Will there be Doctor Strange references in Ragnarok?

Probably a reference.

How difficult was it to fit your vision for Thor: Ragnarok into the existing continuity of the MCU?

I didn’t bother trying.

Hey Taika, my question is as a director how do you know when and where you can put an easter egg? In Thor do you have to ask someone at Marvel about it or you just put something in the scene?

It’s usually around props or peripheral characters. I always ask the producers who have great knowledge of all things Marvel. If it were up to me I’d just put in an actual easter egg.

One of the great challenges with Thor is that his pathos tends to be subtle, especially next to Loki who is a big screaming diva about his issues. This earns him the reputation of a lunk and a dullard. Was it difficult to serve Thor’s character while giving Loki his proper due?

This is something we concentrated a lot on. Thor is awesome now.

I was wondering what some of the challenges are for working on such a VFX heavy film like Thor: Ragnarok?

The biggest challenge is TIME. We do vfx passes (plates, charts, balls, HDR etc) for EVERY set up. And that definitely takes time out of your day. But it’s vital to getting the vfx looking good so you have to embrace it all.

Are there any runs from the Thor comics that you came across in your prep for the film that you particularly enjoyed (even if it didn’t influence the final product in any way)?

Some runs are RIDICULOUS. However I loved God of Thunder with the Gor villain.

Really love the stainless steel font for Ragnarok. What aspects of Ragnarok are you most excited for fans to see?

I guess it’s a taste thing then. Because i really didn’t like the steel font. The new logo suits the 70s/80s sci-fi fantasy that this film is becoming.

I love your sense of humor. Will we see a lot of it in Thor:Ragnarok?

God willing.

Do you know a lot of stuff about the direction and future of the MCU that we dont? Like, how much? And what are those things?

I honestly know NOTHING outside of what I’m doing. I’m trying to ignore the rest of the universe and just make my own awesome movie.

As a director of an upcoming Marvel film, do you know what the plots of films prior to Thor: Ragnarok (but still not released e.g. Guardians 2 and Dr. Strange) are? Does Marvel tell you so that you can incorporate easter eggs and continuations of certain storylines from those films?

They tell me nothing and that’s the way I like it. I have to concentrate on my film and make it the best.

Are there any differences in how films are made there compared to the US? If yes, will Thor: Ragnarokhave a little bit of Kiwi flavor?

TR will have a lot of our style of humour, yes. The film making isn’t very different.

Can you talk about your contract with marvel at all? How many movies did you sign on for? 

Just this one. I have other things to do!

Did you learn anything from working on Green Lantern that you’re applying to directing Thor: Ragnarok?

Nope! Lol.

Could you give us any more information on Ragnarok’s title card? not complaining (it looks pretty awesome and original), just wanted to know the reasoning behind it

The new logo suits what we’re doing with Ragnarok. The film is going to be like that logo!

How do you see the rivalry between DC and Marvel? Is there really tons of hate behind the scenes like the audience believes?

No. Everyone wants each other to do well. If people stop going to see superhero movies then both sides suffer.

What is your thoughts on the fact, that you’re making a movie about a Norse God, who is actually an Alien according to MCU and who will hang out with a guy who turns green when angry? Is that the borderline of crazy? Or are you up for more?

I think about the insanity of this movie every single day. It is literally one of the craziest movies ever.

How did he get Sam O’Neill 

I asked him. He’s a good mate.

There has been a lot of talk about music in modern day movies, specifically in the MCU films. What do you think about this and will Thor: Ragnarok re-use established themes from the previous movies, to help establish a musical identity for Thor?

If we use that old theme we will be severely molesting it to fit more with the style and tone of Ragnarok. Ie: CRAZY.

what was the most surprising thing about working on a marvel film?

The creative freedom.

What’s been the best thing about shooting Thor: Ragnarok with Marvel?

Creative freedom.