The Flash Flops: On Digital After Only 30 Days

The worst superhero movie of all time.

The worst superhero movie of all time.

The Flash Flops: On Digital After Only 30 Days

Further proof that The Flash is a massive flop, it’s learned the flick will be on digital after only 30 days of being released in theaters.

It’s reported that The Flash will be made available digitally next month, July 18, which is only 32 days after its June 16 release date.

the flash digital july 18
Ezra Miller in The Flash

The Flash has bombed massively

The Flash has bombed massively at a cost of over $250 million – possibly as much as $400 million with marketing costs factored in – as the flick opened to only $55 million. This past weekend saw a huge drop of 72% with a second-weekend gross of only $15 million and movie theaters have pulled it from premium screenings such as IMAX and RPX.

The film has a current domestic box office of only $87.5 million, which is actually less than the first Shazam! movie in the same time frame that only cost $100 million to make. The number is also a lot less than Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam in its first ten days of release which brought in over $110 million.

WBD CEO David Zaslav chose to go with James Gunn over Dwayne Johnson for the new DCU; both Zaslav and Gunn have said The Flash is one of the best superhero movies ever, and both are feeling big-time heat on social media, as The Flash is just a horrible and terrible movie.

What’s odd is why both Zaslav and Gunn would choose to side with The Flash when it was from the previous regime under Walter Hamada. They could simply have not gotten involved and let it do its thing, and then if it was a success, they could have taken some credit, but now that it mega-failed, and they both said it’s the best superhero movie ever, they got pie in their face. And that is something that now hurts Gunn’s credibility with his new Superman movie and the upcoming DCU.

To boot, prior to the release of The Flash, Zaslav and Gunn appointed Andy Muschietti as the director of the DCU Batman The Brave and the Bold movie. Wow. What a huge bust Muschietti is turning out to be. Gunn also has James Mangold directing Swamp Thing whose Indiana Jones 5 is expected to be another massive failure. What is going on at DC?

You can read my thoughts on The Flash movie here where I let loose and have no respect for anyone that defends the film or says it’s any good, because it’s not, it’s pure garbage.

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