‘The Flash’ CinemaCon Reactions Are In With One Negative

Reviews offer it's the best superhero movie ever except one reviewer who has has quite a difference of opinion.

'The Flash' CinemaCon Reactions Are In

Warner Bros. Discovery screened The Flash tonight at CinemaCon where the first batch of reactions have hit social media.

Worth a mention is that the version screened is not the final cut as apparently, they are still working on touching up the VFX, and no post-credit scene was shown, assuming there is one.

Pretty much per the norm for advanced screenings and first reactions, The Flash is said to be pretty awesome and the best superhero movie ever.

However, I did manage to find one negative review and it’s from Jeff Sneider, who also happened to blast his fellow journalists.

“THE FLASH: First hr is pretty fantastic. Strikes the perfect tone. Ezra is great. Heroic. Funny. Emotional. The last hr is MOSTLY terrible. Just an utter mess that’ll leave you asking, “what the HELL is going on?” Fan service & DC villain problem strike again. Mixed bag overall,” tweeted Sneider.

Sneider added in a second tweet, “Just scanned initial reactions. Embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for my profession. Not even a whiff of criticism. A bunch of easy lays, I tell ya. There are only a handful of critical voices you can trust these days. It’s sad. And yes, I know this tweet is going to get me killed…”

Sneider also took a jab at Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav who said The Flash is the best superhero movie he’s ever seen.

“David Zaslav* *has not seen The Crow, Logan, Kick-Ass, or most superhero movies,” tweeted Sneider.

Check out the reactions below.

CinemaCon also saw not one but two trailers for The Flash released as the normal version was released and a Japanese trailer with extra footage as well as new posters.

The film opens June 16 directed by Andy Muschietti and stars Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton as Batman, Sasha Calle as Supergirl, with Michael Shannon as Zod and Ben Affleck as Batman.

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The Flash reactions from the CinemaCon screening:

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