The Batman 2: Timothée Chalamet Robin Rumor False

What will be the grounded and realistic approach for the character from Matt Reeves?

What will be the grounded and realistic approach for the character from Matt Reeves?

The Batman 2: Timothée Chalamet Robin Rumor False

With it said Matt Reeves is bringing Robin to The Batman 2, it has been claimed Timothée Chalamet is playing Dick Grayson, but it’s now said that rumor is false.

Jeff Sneider took to Twitter on Saturday and tweeted that the rumor Timothée Chalamet is Robin is not true.

“ALSO, I can confirm that the rumor that @RealChalamet is going to play Robin in the DCU is totally FALSE. Timmy is no one’s sidekick, whether it be Pattinson or anyone else. C’mon, folks…,” states the tweet.

Rumors have offered that Robin is definitely going to be in The Batman 2, with other rumors also stating Robin will only be 13 years old, so if that is true, obviously Timothée Chalamet would be too old at 27 years old.

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Mixed feelings about Robin

I have mixed feelings about Robin appearing in The Batman 2, as I previously went over, James Gunn and Andy Muschietti are using the Damian Wayne version in The Brave and the Bold, who is around the same age.

I’ve also never been a big fan of Batman needing or using a Robin, as I just can’t see Batman having a child sidekick. I guess the point is proven by what happened with Joker killing Jason Todd.

Some 12-year-old kid fighting adult villains is just insanity when you think about it and makes no sense.

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What about Spider-Man?

Spider-Man has inherent powers and he wasn’t trained or had a mentor, at least in the comics that I can recall.

Regarding the MCU, you’ll notice in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that when Spider-Man debuted, the Russos made a point of Tony telling Spidey not to get involved in the battle and that Spidey is only there to take Cap’s shield. However, an adult Tony and the Avenger still comes off as pretty irresponsible using Peter in battle knowing Peter is just a boy, IMO.

There is the argument that Peter will go out and be a superhero anyway, so that is why Tony is watching over Peter, but that doesn’t apply to Robin at all. Again, Peter has powers, while Batman chooses to train Robin. There’s a big difference. Now is Robin going out fighting bad guys when he’s a young kid (a la Kick-Ass) and then Batman finds out and chooses to train Robin so Robin doesn’t get killed? Again, look what happens with Jason Todd.

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How about Nightwing instead of Robin?

Maybe there is some truth to the rumor about Timothée Chalamet but instead, Matt Reeves is going with an adult Robin in The Batman 2?

We know how grounded and realistic Matt Reeves likes things, so going with an adult to play Robin instead of a child makes sense. However, who as an adult wants to be called Robin? Maybe Reeves is going with Nightwing? And maybe Reeves is going to skip all the kid stuff and go staight to Robin as an adult as Nightwing?

Personally, I’d rather just have Pattinson going solo again in the sequel.

The Batman Part 2 is said to go into production in March and get released on October 3, 2025, barring any more delays from the actors and writers strike.

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