The Avengers 5 Team Line-Up Includes Spider-Man, She-Hulk (Rumor)

Rumors surrounding Avengers 5 also include World War Hulk and street-level heroes taking on a Hulk-level threat.

avengers 5 spider man she hulk

More rumors surface about The Avengers 5 with the team’s new line-up which is said to include Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and more.

Recent rumors have suggested the team will be smaller in size and even that Avengers 5 could potentially get turned into a World War Hulk movie.

The latest rumors seem to back up the claims.

captain america moon knight

What does the rumor say?

The latest rumor comes via MyTimeToShineHello who says She-Hulk, Hulk, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Moon Knight and Spider-Man will appear in Avengers 5.

The previous rumor about a smaller team also mentioned street-level heroes would be used so that fits.

We also see the Hulk is said to be appearing, which of course fits with the World War Hulk rumor.

However, it has also been said the street-level heroes will be taking on a “Hulk-level” threat, which doesn’t sound like the Hulk.

world war hulk movie fan art 1
Fan art

How could World War Hulk work in the MCU?

We can also add that World War Hulk hasn’t really been set up in the MCU, at least the comic book story.

In the comics, Marvel’s Illuminati sends Hulk off into space where he’s intended to be left alone on a blossoming planet, but the Hulk goes through the wormhole to Sakaar leading to the epic “Planet Hulk” story, which blows away what the MCU did with Thor: Ragnarok.

So eventually Hulk returns to Earth and he’s pissed and takes on the whole world and majorly fks them all up in “World War Hulk.” It’s pretty awesome.

Hulk returned in Infinity War and Ruffalo now plays the Goofy Hulk, so they would need to move things to the much better Hulk from the comics.

Maybe Captain America 4 helps set something up as it’s said to feature Harrison Ford as the Red Hulk (but not Mark Ruffalo as Hulk). Who knows? Maybe Thunderbolts will also tie into things? Maybe it will all lead to whatever Marvel has planned for Avengers 5. It was supposed to be a Kang movie but following Quantumania bombing big time and with Jonathan Majors’ legal troubles and having been fired, it has been speculated Marvel is moving away from Kang where you could argue his story ended in Quantumania and Loki.

The Avengers 5 has a May 1, 2026 release date.

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