Avengers 5 Rumors Say Smaller Team Will Be Used

Fits with the recent World War Hulk rumor but at least said to feature Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.

avengers 5 rumors smaller team benedict cumberbatch


  • There are rumors about the direction and team lineup for Avengers 5
  • Marvel has reportedly figured out the story and will feature a smaller team of MCU heroes
  • New heroes will be included, but not the Fantastic Four, and previous actors have been told to keep their schedules open

A pair of new rumors surrounding Avengers 5 seems to line up, with the latest offering Kevin Feige is going with a smaller team in the flick.

Recall the previous rumor that Avengers 5 might turn into World War Hulk featuring a Hulk-level threat against MCU street-level heroes (kinda sounds like Thunderbolts, no?).

The latest rumor about Avengers 5 comes via scooper Daniel RPK who says Marvel has finally figured things out for the flick.

New Avengers
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What do the rumors say?

It’s still said Kang will have a role, but obviously if that happens a new actor will be in the part as Jonathan Majors is out following his issues with the law.

The scooper says that Marvel has “figured out the direction” of the story which will feature a smaller team of MCU heroes.

New heroes are also said to be featured in the film, but the Fantastic Four are said to not be among them.

It’s further said that Marvel has told previous Avengers movie actors to “clear their schedule,” with Benedict Cumberbatch said to be among them who will return as Doctor Strange.

Previous rumors have also said Kang is being scrapped for the flick, and it’s being turned into Avengers: Secret Wars – Part 1, so we’ll have to see how things play out.

It remains to be seen how “small” the team of Avengers will be in the fifth film. The first movie released in 2012 was a team made up of only six heroes, so Avengers 5 is going to be even smaller? Maybe the rumor means smaller than fans think, as various rumors and speculation has offered every new MCU character will be a part of the film.

The Avengers 5 has a current May 1, 2026 release date.

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