‘The Acolyte’ Cut Jedi Wookiee Fight Scene From Episode 4

Fans question the writer of the episode, Claire Kiechel, about what went down in the episode.

the acolyte cut wookie fight scene

Wow. That’s all I can say after hearing this news.

Note: Spoilers follow for The Acolyte, Episode 4.

the acolyte kelnacca

Episode 4 disappoints

As I went over in my review, Episode 4 disappoints as the highly anticipated build up to Kelnacca, the Jedi Wookiee, comes off lame, as the character is simply shown dead.

I had thought Kelnacca was killed while sitting on his fat ass and knew his attacker, but it turns out there were big plans for a major battle.

So what really happened is that Kelnacca lost the battle, then apparently went home and died sitting on his fat ass.

kelnacca the acolyte star wars

Fans question writer

Similar to the first three episodes, fans weren’t happy with the death of Kelnacca, which comes off just as meaningless as the deaths of Carrie-Anne Moss’ Indara from the fist episode and Dean-Charles Chapman’s Torbin from the second.

A fan took to X to ask the writer of the episode, Claire Kiechel, WTF happened.

The fan remarked, “And we never got a chance to see the Wookiee Jedi fight.”

kelnacca jedi wookiee star wars the acolyte

In a deleted tweet, Kiechel revealed the scene was cut.

“Unfortunately not everything gets to be included for budget and story reasons, we had an early draft that showed his fight and death scene but it ultimately broke the POV of the episode in a way that I think wouldn’t have worked as well,” said Kiechel.

As fans have pointed out, The Acolyte has a budget of around $200 million, and so far, the episodes have been light on action and filled with non-sensical garbage dialogue.

The X user who made the original comment continued, “An absolute waste of a character for a plot device. Wookie just got Merc’d in his home, killed in his chair. We could have at least seen the fight to show how badass the Sith is. Smh. Terrible.”

The user added, “We have wanted an on screen Wookie Jedi for like 40 years.”

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