Taskmaster Probably A Female In ‘Black Widow’


With Marvel’s Phase 4 plans all about diversity, I am guessing Feige and co. gender-bended Taskmaster in Black Widow and made the character a female.

Notice how the new trailer has Natasha questioning: “Who the hell is that guy?”

Well, that’s because it’s not a guy, and of course, “woke” Marvel has Natasha questioning if it’s a “guy.”

Marvel could have simply ended the question with “Who the hell is that,” but obviously didn’t for the sake of plugging diversity.

The next scene features both Natasha and Taskmaster performing the same maneuver, where Taskmaster looks exactly the same as Natasha. Seems obvious.

female taskmaster black Widow

Feige likely gender bends Taskmaster into a female for Black Widow

In the comics, Taskmaster is white dude Tony Masters, but since this is a movie all about Black Widow, Taskmaster can’t be a dude. Just a hunch.

I’m not the only one to think so as a Redditor questioned the same thing a few months back and thinks Rachael Weisz is playing the female Taskmaster:

Potential Black Widow spoilers: This might sound dumb I’m not sure but is it possible that Rachael Weisz’s character “Melina” could be Taskmaster in the upcoming Black Widow movie. I know in the comics she is Iron Maiden but heard something saying that people will be shocked when they discover Taskmaster won’t be a “he”. This points me to the conclusion that Taskmaster is either an Android or a female and I don’t think they’ll do the character a disservice by making it an android.

There is another theory out there that Taskmaster is actually Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, but again, the scene above when they do the kip-up looks as if Taskmaster is a female, IMO.

We can probably guess that the female Taskmaster has already run into Hawkeye, which is why she uses the bow and arrow, as Taskmaster’s powers include the ability to mimic any form of fighting as the character has the ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously.

Watch the new trailer here.

Black Widow gets released May 1, 2020.