No Sony, PS5 At E3 2020

For the second year in a row, Sony will be skipping the big E3 video game convention and won’t be showcasing its new PS5 at the event run by Entertainment Software Association. Reps for Sony Interactive Entertainment issued a statement to Polygon about the decision: After thorough evaluation SIE has decided not to participate in …

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Dragon Ball FighterZ E3 Trailer

Leading anime video game developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announces DRAGON BALL® FighterZ for Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and PCs via STEAM®. DRAGON BALL FighterZ is a dream collaboration combining classic 2D fighting game dynamics with the DRAGON BALL universe, one of the most popular and iconic anime franchises …

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Bill Rosemann Teases Spider-Man PS4 Costume & Video Game

Our main man at Marvel, Bill Rosemann, chats with Marvel.com about the recently announced new Spider-Man PS4 video game.

Bill Rosemann edited the popular Marvel Cosmic titles by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning that inspired the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Now Bill is the Creative Director for Marvel Games and offers the new Spider-Man PS4 video game costume will be further explained.

It’s Peter Parker, but he has a different costume. We like to think that it’s inspired by the classic design. But yet, it’s clearly different. And we know people have questions, they want to know why it’s changed.

In due time, my friend! One day, when the time is right, we will go into great depth about why certain decisions were made. But one thing I can say now is that extensive thought was applied from the top of his mask to the bottom of his feet. We know how much people love Spider-Man and his costume. In my opinion, it’s the best-designed super hero costume of all-time. If you’re going to alter it, you have to understand what the original design achieved and be very thoughtful and have a reason for everything. Another thing I want to say is that Insomniac and Marvel are known as great storytellers, and there is story behind everything in the game, and as the months go on, we will dig into all of that. 

Rosemann also says the Spider-Man PS4 video game is not tied to the movies or Spider-Man: Homecoming, but will be a standalone game enabling it lots of freedom.

One of the questions we’ve been asked right away was, “Is this game set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or an adaption of a movie?” And our answer has consistently been – and this has gone back for the last two years, since Jay Ong came to Marvel Games with a mandate to great games for our great fans – is that we are going to create unique, standalone games that give our partners the freedom and time to deliver the game they want.

Marvel Games is giving Insomniac the freedom to tell their Spider-Man story. We’re here to collaborate with them and embrace their vision and help them execute that to the fullest. And by giving them that freedom, they’ll deliver something new and unexpected so you, as the player, won’t know what is going to happen next. You’re not going to think, “Well, this is set between this movie and that movie, so I know how things are going to end.” In this game, you have no idea what is going to happen next and where it’s going. 

Rosemann also offers this Spider-Man is not a teenager and has mastered his powers.

Okay, so by his voice and body shape, you can tell he’s not a teenager. He’s a little more experienced and again, we’ll talk about this more, maybe it’s these experiences that have led to why his suit is the way it is. We all learn and grow from our experiences and this Spider-Man has been fighting crime for a bit and he’s mastered his abilities, which you’ll experience from the very first scene. The trailer footage — which is gameplay captured on a PS4 — was specifically chosen to show the wish fulfillment of being Spider-Man, web-slinging, wall-crawling and parkouring through New York City like it’s your playground. The evolution of his traversal skills, and bringing that into combat is also a unique new element to the game. You see in the combat scenes the thinking and fun that Spider-Man puts into fighting the bad guys. You see that scene where he grabs the box and spins around and BAM! nails someone with it. And I love that scene where he comes flying in and BOOM! lands on the guy. The combat you’ll experience here is everything you want Spider-Man combat to be, and the trailer does a great job of showcasing that.

Marvel and Sony have yet to announce a release date and the official title for the Spider-Man PS4 video game.

It’s also learned the Spider-Man PS4 video game is only the first in a line of “epic” Marvel console games in development.

Check out the Spider-Man PS4 trailer:

Spider-Man PS4 art:


Sword Coast Legends PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Check out a new gameplay trailer for Sword Coast Legends, which is coming soon to the PS4.


Set in the lush and vibrant world of the Forgotten Realms, Sword Coast Legends offers an all-new way to enjoy the time-tested magic of playing Dungeons & Dragons as a shared storytelling experience.

Bringing the roleplaying dynamic between players and Dungeon Masters to life with DM Mode, a real-time experience in which Dungeon Masters guide players through unique customizable adventures.

Coming soon to PS4.



Resident Evil 7 Trailer, Screenshots & Info


Resident Evil® Ushers in a New Era of Innovative, Immersive and Visceral Horror


LOS ANGELES — June 13, 2016 — At the Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) E3 press conference today, Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, announced Resident Evil 7 biohazard, the next major entry in the renowned Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 7 sets a new course for the Resident Evil series as it leverages its roots and opens the door to a truly terrifying horror experience. A dramatic new shift for the series to first person view in a photorealistic style powered by Capcom’s new RE Engine, Resident Evil 7 delivers an unprecedented level of immersion that brings the thrilling horror up close and personal. Resident Evil 7 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system (the full gameplay experience will also be available via the included PlayStation VR Mode), Xbox One and Windows PC (Steam and Windows 10 Store) across North America and Europe on January 24, 2017.

Set in modern day rural America and taking place after the dramatic events of Resident Evil 6, players experience the terror directly from the first person perspective. The Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour demo, also announced today, portrays events leading up to the main game and ties directly into the impactful PlayStation VR “KITCHEN” tech demo first shown at E3 2015. In the new teaser demo, the player awakens inside a dilapidated cottage on an ominous plantation mansion. Can they make it out alive?

Resident Evil 7 embodies the series’ signature gameplay elements of exploration and tense atmosphere that first coined “survival horror” some twenty years ago; meanwhile, a complete refresh of gameplay systems simultaneously propels the survival horror experience to the next level. Terrifying fans at events across the globe last year, the PlayStation VR “KITCHEN” tech demo was developed utilizing the RE Engine’s VR oriented tools, and is the foundation on which the talented Resident Evil team has crafted the immersive horror experience in Resident Evil 7. Powered by the RE Engine in tandem with industry leading audio and visual technologies, Resident Evil 7 is poised to deliver a disturbingly realistic experience that will define the next era in horror entertainment.

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now download the standalone teaser demo for PlayStation 4 called Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour and will have first access before it is available on other platforms at a later date. Players can get a taste of what they can expect from Resident Evil 7 with a sampling of the nail-biting exploration and terrifying atmosphere the game will offer when it releases early next year. Attendees of E3 will be able to try out a demo on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation VR at the Capcom booth in South Hall #2023 or try the PlayStation VR demo at the Sony booth in West Hall #4522 and #4144.


Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission has been announced for the PS4.

Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission will immerse players in one of the most dreamt about Star Wars fantasies – piloting an X-wing in the far reaches of space. This all-new mission will be exclusive to PS VR this holiday, and is free*** for owners of Star Wars Battlefront. ***

** VR functionality requires a PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation camera.
*** Requires Star Wars Battlefront for PS4™, PlayStation®VR, and PlayStation Camera (all sold separately).


Batman: Arkham VR PS4 Trailer

Watch the trailer below for the Batman: Arkham VR game coming to the PS4 in October from Rocksteady Studios.

Mark Hamill narrates the trailer as the voice of the Joker.

You can sign up for updates at: batmanarkhamvr.com.


Batman: Arkham VR immerses you in the Dark Knight’s Universe and redefines what it means to Be the Batman. 

Experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective in an all new Arkham mystery. 

Think like Batman. Utilise his legendary gadgets in Virtual Reality to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of Batman’s closest allies.


Spider-Man PS4 Video Game Announced At E3 & Trailer

A new Spider-Man video game is coming exclusively to the PS4.

At the E3, the Spider-Man video game was announced with art and a teaser trailer released.


Marvel and Insomniac Games team up to create a brand-new, authentic Spider-Man story exclusively for PlayStation 4. Take control of an experienced Peter Parker who is more masterful at fighting crime.

Update: The new Spider-Man game is original and not related to the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.


Ed Boon Teases Mortal Kombat 11 & Injustice: Gods Among Us 2

The creator of Mortal Kombat has taken to Twitter to offer a tease for Mortal Komat 11 and Injustice: Gods Among Us 2.

Ed Boon updated his Twitter account with a Roman numeral “II” logo and responded to a fan question of, “Why is this for ? MK 11 OR INJUSTICE 2?” with “That is a DAMN good question….”

We’re guessing it’s for both.

Rumor of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game sequel hit a few days ago with mention it may be announced at or around the upcoming E3.

It’s also probably safe to say that more than likely, another Mortal Kombat game is in development, with Mortal Kombat X having been so well received.

The E3 takes place June 14-16, so look for announcements soon.


Watch: Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Cyber Core Tutorial and Co-Op Play Through

Watch over 13 minutes from the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III video game featuring a Cyber Core tutorial and Co-Op play through.

Take a deep dive into the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 cooperative campaign with the Cyber Core tutorial and an extended cut from “Ramses Station” as seen exclusively at the Sony Playstation E3 booth. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a dark, gritty future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the cutting-edge military technology that define the future of combat.

Designed for four-player online co-op or solo play, players will encounter epic cinematic moments and open-area gameplay, allowing players to approach the game with a different strategy each time they play. And now your campaign character is completely customizable: from weapons and loadouts, to abilities and outfits, all with full progression systems and a personalized armory to show off accomplishments. With these and many more exciting new features, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 aims to deliver a constantly-evolving campaign experience. 

Call Of Duty Black Ops III goes on sale November 6th; you can pre-order the game through Amazon.


Treyarch, developer of the two most-played games in Call of Duty history, returns withCall of Duty: Black Ops III. For the first time with three-years of development, the revered, award-winning studio has created its first title for next-gen hardware in the critically acclaimed Black Ops series. Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops III, a dark, twisted future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the technology we created to stay ahead, in a world where cutting-edge military robotics define warfare.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III combines three unique game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies, providing fans with the deepest and most ambitious Call of Duty ever. The Campaign has been designed as a co-op game that can be played with up to four players online or as a solo cinematic thrill-ride. Multiplayer will be the franchise’s deepest, most rewarding and most engaging to date, with new ways to rank up, customize, and gear up for battle. And Zombies delivers an all-new mind-blowing experience with its own dedicated narrative. Call of Duty: Black Ops III can be played entirely online, and for the first time each of the offerings has its own unique player XP and progression systems. The title ushers in an unprecedented level of innovation, including jaw-dropping environments, never before experienced weaponry and abilities, and the introduction of a new, improved fluid movement system. All of this is brought to life by advanced technology custom crafted for this title, including new AI and animation systems, and graphics that redefine the standards Call of Duty fans have come to expect from the critically-acclaimed series, with cutting edge lighting systems and visual effects.


LEGO Marvel Avengers Gameplay Demo

Check out gameplay footage above from the E3 for the upcoming LEGO Marvel Avengers video game.


Play as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in their quest to save the world while reliving some of the most amazing moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the famed Battle of New York between the Avengers and Super Villain Loki as seen in “Marvel’s The Avengers.” 

Re-imagined in LEGO form and told in TT Games’ signature, classic LEGO humor, “LEGO Marvel’s Avengers” will be available this winter for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Windows PC.



LEGO Dimensions E3 Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed that the LEGO Toy Pad, which comes with the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack, will be an interactive part of the LEGO Dimensions gameplay experience functioning as an additional game controller giving players a unique way to interact with the toys and game throughout the experience. The innovative LEGO Toy Pad – which allows any combination of seven characters, vehicles and gadgets to be simultaneously brought into the game at one time – features three distinct areas of RGB light technology that produce a broad array of colours to provide hints and puzzles for the player to solve. 

SHIFT mode is activated when characters need to use coloured vortexes in the game to avoid danger or traverse areas, the player must physically move the corresponding LEGO minifigure to the correctly coloured light section that will enable them to transport the character to the vortex of their choice.

Using SCALE, players can shrink LEGO characters down to micro-size or up to super-size by physically placing the LEGO minifigure on a distinctly colored section of the LEGO Toy Pad. By scaling the character in this manner, the player will be able to access new areas and complete puzzles placed around the level.

Additional modes of the LEGO Toy Pad – CHROMA, ELEMENTAL, and LOCATE – offer further challenges that require a level of interaction between physical and digital play never before seen in the toys to life category.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment also revealed a Portal Level Pack with a LEGO Chell minifigure, a The Simpsons Level Pack with a LEGO Homer Simpson minifigure and The Simpsons Fun Packs with LEGO Bart Simpson and LEGO Krusty the Clown minifigures, plus a Jurassic World Team pack with LEGO Owen and LEGO ACU trooper minifigures. 

Launching September 27th 2015, LEGO Dimensions will be available for Xbox One, the all-in one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment systems and Nintendo Wii U system.


Godzilla “Ultimate Mayhem” E3 Trailer

Check out the “Ultimate Mayhem” trailer above for the Godzilla video game released at E3.

The game will be available July 14th for PS4 and PS3.


In 1954, the waters off the coast of Japan churned to life as a massive, lumbering monster emerged from the deep. Godzilla came ashore and wreaked havoc on the cities and was dubbed the King of the Monsters. During this time, scientists studied the beast and discovered they could harness his energy — called G-Energy. This seemingly endless source of power was channeled to make the lives of mankind better. However, 60 years later, as the G-Energy has been used to improve civilization, it is causing the beast to awaken. Godzilla is in search of more G-Energy, and as a consequence, he’s destroying at will. What will happen if Godzilla consumes all of the G-Energy? Does mankind stand a chance against the King of the Monsters?

Unleash complete and utter destruction as the most feared monster — Godzilla. Rise from your slumber to smash and bash your way through various stages to take out the Energy Generator. Maximize your G-Energy in each stage by annihilating buildings and structures. Beware as with each edifice you eliminate the Hazard Level rises, and can bring out other legendary monsters to battle. Collect G-Energy in each stage to enhance your Godzilla — grow him from 50 to 100 meters tall, improve his defensive and offensive skills, power-up his heat ray and learn new abilities. Build the scene of your dreams to let the monster loose on with Diorama mode, or put your skills to the test in a time trial of destruction with King of Monsters mode. Enjoy a unique look at the chaos with the movie-style camera angle system, which switches the camera view to preset locations around the map. Are you ready to lay waste to cities in ways you’ve only imagined?


Become the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, when you awake after 60 years of dormancy

Search for G-Energy — a seemingly endless source of power that channels the beast, while simultaneously helping make people’s lives better

Use your massive size and unbelievable power to smash and bash through more than 20 stages to take out the Energy Generator in Mission mode

Unleash powerful destruction by obliterating as many buildings as possible to maximize your G-Energy, but beware — the more structures you wipe out, the higher the Hazard Level rises — which can cause other iconic monsters to battle

Play as the classic Godzilla or the 2014 Hollywood version, and battle against a monstrous cast of legendary beasts

Choose to view the action with the special movie-style camera angle system that switches the camera to preset locations on the map and allows you to jump to the camera points and control Godzilla just like in the movies

Grow Godzilla from 50 to 100 meters tall by collecting G-Energy in each stage to power-up the monster, and learn new skills, power-up his heat ray and increase his defensive and offensive skills as well

Construct the Godzilla scene that you’ve always imagined in Diorama mode

Put your skills to the test in a time trial of chaos in King of Monsters mode

For 1 player offline; for 1 to 2 players online