Superman Tyler Hoechlin Series Plot Leaks


Plot details for the upcoming Tyler Hoechlin Superman & Lois series have leaked online offering details about the characters and more.

The CW recently greenlit the series, which follows the events from Crisis On Infinite Earths where all The CW DC characters now originate from one Earth.

The Crisis crossover revealed that the Typer Hoechlin Superman had not one, but two sons.

Note: Spoilers follow.

Superman Tyler Hoechlin

Superman & Lois details leak:

The show will focus on Lois and Clark dealing with the stress of being working parents as well as all the pressures and complexities that come with it.

It’s said the series opens with Lois still working at the Daily Planet, but Clark has been laid off.

Jonathan Kent is dead, while Martha lives alone on the farm in Smallville.

Lois and Clark have two 13-year-old twin sons, Jonathan and Jordan Kent, who are very different both physically and otherwise.

Jonathan is the popular one, an all-star athlete who’s about to enter the Varsity team.

Jordan is more introverted, anxiety-prone, and very much into computers and video games.

It’s said the twins don’t know who there father really is … yet, and that they may or may not have inherited their super dad’s powers.

Additional characters include:

General Samuel Lane, Lois’ father, who knows about Clark being Superman.

Lana Lang, said to be a big part of the show who is a banker still living in Smallville with her firefighter husband Kyle Cushing and their 14-year-old daughter Sarah, and 8-year-old Sophie. It’s said they are in a dark place: Kyle is a drunk and Sarah tried to take her own life a year ago.

Superman also has an enemy in the series, who appears as “The Stranger” in the pilot episode, with his true identity to be revealed at the end of the pilot episode.

Superman Rebirth

Tyler Hoechlin Superman costume leaks:

Earlier also saw that cool new Tyler Hoechlin Superman costume leak, which resembles the look of the DC Comics “Rebirth” costume:

(character breakdowns via PrimeTimer)

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