‘Massive Threat To The Kents’ Coming To Superman & Lois Final Season

Yvonne Chapman will be taking on the Man of Steel in the final season as an ally to Lex Luthor.

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  • Yvonne Chapman has been cast as Amanda McCoy a character from the DC Comics
  • Amanda McCoy is described as intelligent, cunning, and loyal, and will be Lex Luthor’s most trusted ally against Superman
  • The final season of Superman & Lois is set to air in the fall 

It’s announced a “massive threat to the Kents” will be coming to the final season of Superman & Lois.

That massive threat happens to be actress Yvonne Chapman who recently played Avatar Kyoshi in Netflix’s live-action The Last Airbender series, and she is also known for the Kung Fu series.

Yvonne Chapman will be playing a character from the DC Comics, Amanda McCoy, who in the comics discovered Superman’s true identity, Clark Kent.

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“Intelligent, cunning, and loyal”

In Superman & Lois Season 4, Yvonne Chapman’s Amanda McCoy will be a recurring character described as “intelligent, cunning, and loyal” and Lex Luthor’s most trusted ally against Superman.

The official description of the character adds, “Little is known about her mysterious past, but she’s the only one in Luthor’s inner circle that he views as an equal, which makes her a massive threat to the Kents… and anyone else who stands in her way.”

EW.com also says, “Amanda is the acting leader of LuthorCorp in Lex’s absence, and her business-savvy and cutthroat nature have brought the company to new heights.”

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The actress confirmed the casting on social media.

“Thrilled and so grateful to join the stellar cast and crew of @cwsupermanandlois for their final season!! It’s a joyride and I can’t wait for you all to see what’s coming,” she posted on Instagram.

Superman & Lois Season 4 doesn’t have a premiere date but is thought to be airing in the fall. Tyler Hoechlin is back as the Man of Steel, with Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois. Also returning includes Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent and Alex Garfin as Jordan Kent. Returning as Lex is Michael Cudlitz.

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