Superman: Legacy: Terence Rosemore Is Otis

Gunn adds another character from the Richard Donner movies. Is there cause for concern?

Gunn adds another character from the Richard Donner movies. Is there cause for concern?

superman legacy terence rosemore otis


  • James Gunn has cast Terence Rosemore in his upcoming film as Otis, a character from the original Richard Donner Superman movies
  • Gunn has a history of casting his friends in his films, including Rosemore in several of his previous projects
  • The film looks to be in part a tribute to the Donner film

James Gunn casts another one of his buddy’s in Superman: Legacy, as Terence Rosemore will be playing none other than Otis.

Terence Rosemore had minor roles in Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Narblik), Brightburn (P.E. Teacher), The Suicide Squad (Crew Chief), The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (Gurb), and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (Xlomo Smeth).

On Thursday, Gunn posted that image of the Superman: Legacy cast following a table read for the movie.

The pic features Terence Rosemore standing behind Mister Terrific actor Edi Gathegi and standing in front of new Man of Steel David Corenswet (conveniently hiding the new Superman’s biceps) and Lex Luthor himself, Nicholas Hoult.

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Created for the Donner movies

Created for the films, fans of the Richard Donner movies will of course recognize Otis who was played by Ned Beatty in Superman and Superman II as the dimwitted and goofy henchman of Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor.

Otis also appeared in the DC Comics as well as Young Justice and recently in Supergirl (where he becomes Metallo and is the brother of Mercy Graves in the show) and Superman & Lois (the henchman to Michael Cudlitz’s Lex).

It’s also known that Gunn has cast Sara Sampaio as Eve Teschmacher who was also first created by Donner for his Superman movies, played by Valerie Perrine.

superman returns

Another Superman Returns?

Gunn has said he is a big fan of the Richard Donner Superman, so obviously he is doing a homage and paying tribute to the Donner films.

Bryan Singer did the same with Superman Returns and Brandon Routh, which didn’t do as well as hoped.

Gunn’s take will obviously be different as per the cast, there are a lot more characters involved that were never a part of the DonnerVerse; however, there is no doubt similarities are present.

ned beatty otis superman donner

I hate Otis

However, as I tweeted, I hated Otis as a kid watching the Superman movies.

My man, Fatal Jay on Twitter, replied to me, “Everyone said they hated snyder serious tone superman, so gunn giving fans what they want.”

I tweeted back they need to find middle ground as Snyder went too far with Superman, IMO, by having Supes snap necks and die a movie later (I actually despise what Snyder did with Pa Kent more).

star lord gamora guardians

Another Guardians of the Galaxy?

What Gunn does remains to be seen, but hopefully Gunn doesn’t go too goofy with Superman: Legacy as he did with Guardians of the Galaxy.

There’s some concern Superman: Legacy will be a carbon copy of what Gunn did in the MCU with the Guardians (Superman is Star-Lord, Lois is Gamora, etc.), and all of Gunn’s stuff is basically the same, too.

The Guardians movies did turn out well and are entertaining, so there is that; however, we’ve always argued the more serious tone of the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy and Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Marvel Cosmic comics that inspired the MCU movies would have been a better route to go. Think what Gunn did as Flash Gordon versus Empire Strikes Back.

No doubt both great movies, but when it comes down to it, Empire is the better. Could you imagine a “dance off, bro” moment with Han Solo (I did appreciate the Infinity War jokes and Star-Lord not dancing at the end of GOTG 3 where Gunn danced as Groot instead — yeah, I noticed, and thanks for using the comic accurate costumes).

For me, personally, Otis is my first red flag that makes me worried about the flick and makes me question the tone.

Superman: Legacy gets released July 11, 2025. Filming is expected to start in March.

The cast includes David Corenswet as Clark Kent and Superman, and Rachel Brosnahan is playing Lois Lane. Isabela Merced is Hawkgirl, Nathan Fillion is Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and Edi Gathegi is playing Mister Terrific. María Gabriela de Faría is playing The Engineer from The Authority described as a “villain,” with Anthony Carrigan cast as Metamorpho. Skyler Gisondo is Jimmy Olsen, and Sara Sampaio is Eve Teschmacher. Nicholas Hoult is Lex Luthor. Sean Gunn is also playing Maxwell Lord in the DCU, though it’s not clear at this time if he will be in Superman: Legacy. It’s also rumored Supergirl will be in the film who is being played by Milly Alcock.

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