Superman: Legacy: Middle East Involved Despite James Gunn’s Claims Says Grace Randolph

James Gunn has shot down rumors but the YouTuber claims semantics are at play.

James Gunn has shot down rumors but the YouTuber claims semantics are at play.

Superman: Legacy: Middle East Involved Despite James Gunn's Claims Says Grace Randolph

It’s again claimed that the Middle East plays a role in the upcoming Superman: Legacy movie, which is despite what James Gunn has said.

Leaks surfaced offering that Superman’s big reveal in the movie happens in the Middle East where terrorists have gotten ahold of Kryptonian tech.

James Gunn was asked by a fan if the “terrorist threat in the Middle East storyline” rumor is true, to which Gunn shot it down and said, “It isn’t true.”

However, it’s claimed by YouTuber Grace Randolph that Superman: Legacy still features the Middle East.

david corenswet superman
David Corenswet Superman fan art

What does Grace Randolph say?

As we all know, the Middle East is a very sensitive topic right now, which could be so even by the time Superman: Legacy gets released in 2025.

Randolph actually says she was the first to report that the flick involves Middle East dictators, not terrorists, so technically, she says, James Gunn is correct.

“Always pay attention to exactly what is said to James Gunn and how it is handled because he’s really big on semantics to try kind of get around stuff. I mean all the scoopers still know that there’s a Middle East storyline in this movie,” Randolph said.

Randolph says she asked her sources who confirmed the Middle East is still in the movie.

“When I saw him respond to that, I went to my sources and I said, ‘Oh, hey, did he rewrite this movie and take the Middle East [out]?’ You know, sometimes he’ll take something out and then say it never was there–I mean that’s his prerogative. I was like, ‘Did they take it out? Did he take it out?’ My source has said, ‘No, it’s still there’ and we discussed it,” she explained.

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Nicholas Hoult Lex Luthor fan art

Semantics at play

Randolph adds that it’s the terrorism word that Gunn is correct about, and if fans really want to know, they should just question Gunn only about the “Middle East.”

“Some other scoopers, I hear, have also been like ‘we believe it’s the terrorist word,’ which is why he said he was able to confidently dismiss that,” added Randolph. “You’ll note that in my report I said it was dictators, and it might not even have that element.”

She continued, “I think if you really want to know you should just say, ‘Is the Middle East factor into your movie at all?’ If you really want to ask him a question, you got to make it very broad and not give him any outs, so just say ‘Is there any Middle East?’ …I don’t why I get myself into trouble…”

James Gunn Superman Legacy

What is Superman: Legacy about?

Superman: Legacy gets released July 11, 2025, with James Gunn writing and directing.

Starring in the movie includes David Corenswet as the new Man of Steel and Clark Kent who is in training for the role, Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Edi Gathegi playing Mister Terrific, Nathan Fillion plays Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and María Gabriela de Faría is playing The Engineer from The Authority described as a “villain,” with Anthony Carrigan cast as Metamorpho, and Nicholas Hoult is set to play Lex Luthor.

DC describes the film as telling the story of Superman’s journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing as Clark Kent of Smallville, Kansas. He is the embodiment of truth, justice, and the American way, guided by human kindness in a world that sees kindness as old-fashioned.

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