David Ayer Reveals Steppenwolf Originally For Suicide Squad


Another would-could-have-been for the DCEU, as director David Ayer reveals the original Steppenwolf plans for Suicide Squad

Two years ago saw Suicide Squad concept art released referencing a “god” that arrived via a Boom Tube with Parademons.

As a lot of fans put it forth, the concept art happened to look a lot like Steppenwolf who appeared in that Batman vs. Superman scene.

David Ayer took to Twitter to confirm that the original Suicide Squad plans did feature not only Steppenwolf, but that Enchantress was being controlled by a Mother Box as well; however, because of the Justice League movie, Steppenwolf and the Mother Box idea had to be scrapped.

Obviously, with the Steppenwolf idea scrapped, they had to come up with a different plot and ending, which is the unfortunate ending we got with the movie’s release.

Suicide Squad seems to be a movie that had so much interference on the executive level, it just became one big mess.

It’s too bad Suicide Squad couldn’t have used Steppenwolf and then Justice League could have used Darkseid, but apparently, Zack Snyder had different intentions and wanted to go with Steppenwolf first.

Check out the concept art:

Suicide Squad concept art

Suicide Squad concept art

Suicide Squad concept art

Suicide Squad concept art

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