Steve McQueen Teases More Nightwing



It’s been a while, but Steve McQueen is back at it seemingly teasing Nightwing.

McQueen, who over a year ago made mention he was in talks for Nightwing in Arrow, but then did a 180 reversing himself, posted the following image on his Instagram account.

The image features a Nightwing hoodie and comic books.

“Been getting cool gifts on set recently,” McQueen added, who is filming for the NBC series Chicago Fire.

Nightwing is scheduled to be a part of the upcoming TNT Titans series, which is currently in development and may begin filming in October titled “BlackBirds.”

Previous character details on Titans revealed at the start of the series/pilot Dick Grayson will still be using his Robin identity, but will eventually become Nightwing, and has been working as a private detective in Boston; Barbara Gordon will be wheel-chair bound and will be the team’s hacker; Hawk and Dove are said to be in a relationship; Starfire is said to appear at the end of the pilot and involved in a love triangle with Nightwing and Batgirl.

Regarding Cyborg and Beast Boy, it was stated they don’t show up in the pilot, but it’s possible to include them eventually.


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