Stephen Amell Says Batman in Arrow & A Movie Appearance Is Possible



Prior to Stephen Amell’s debut in the squared circle later tonight for SummerSlam, the actor stopped by Wizard World Chicago.

Amell talked about a range of topics, which happened to include the Dark Knight potentially appearing in the Arrow universe as well as the possibility of Amell appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Regarding Batman appearing on Arrow, Amell admitted it would be “tough,” but did state it’s possible.

“In the same way that [Ezra Miller’s] playing the Flash in the cinematic universe – theoretically, we haven’t seen him yet – I see no reason why we couldn’t have our own Bruce Wayne. That’s my opinion; that might not be DC’s opinion, and they’re the bosses.”

Amell has been a fan-favorite choice to play the Green Arrow in the DCCU as well, and the actor has not been silent about wanting to appear in the movie universe. Amell says it’s not like his contract forbids it, so technically it’s possible.

“Whenever I talk to people, it’s like, ‘this is an evolving process,'” Amell offered. “And there’s absolutely no contractual barriers and/or creative barriers between me and being in a movie, one of the DC movies.” 

Speaking of Ezra Miller, Miller recently mentioned that his version of The Flash and the Grant Gustin Flash actually exist in parallel universes, which brings up speculation of some sort of Crisis event, in which the DC multiverses collide. There hasn’t been any hints or mention that may actually happen, but it always exists and would make for a pretty cool two part Justice League movie.

Amell also let it be known he has been filming Constantine scenes all week with Matt Ryan (via CBM).

“Arrow” Season 2 premiers Wednesday, October 7th.