Stargate Reboot Will Be As Movies Were Originally Intended


stargate reboot Stargate Reboot Will Be As Movies Were Originally Intended

This past May saw MGM Pictures and Warner Bros. announce plans for a rebooted Stargate trilogy, which will be directed by original director Roland Emmerich.

Dean Devlin, who also wrote the original movie as well as the Stargate SG-1 TV series, will return as producer and recently participated in a QnA on reddit for his latest TV show, The Librarians, where he answered questions on the new trilogy.

Devlin let it be known that when they created the 1994 Stargate movie, the original plan was for there to be three movies, which didn’t happen. Now Devlin says the plan is to create the new Stargate movies as originally intended.

When we created STARGATE, it was originally created to be a trilogy of movies.

But for a variety of reasons, the sequels never happened.

Now, 20 years later, we feel it’s too late to do those sequels. So our plan is to re-boot that trilogy sometime next year, and present them as they were originally intended to be.

Devlin continued with mention of why they can do the reboot.

Ever since the first movie came out, we’ve been trying to do the sequels.

For a variety of reasons, we were never allowed to do that.

Only now, with the new configuration of MGM, and their partnership with Warner Brothers, can we finish telling the story we set out to tell 20 years ago.

Devlin is also working on the sequel to Independence Day with Emmerich and lets it be known the new Stargate will start filming following ID2.

That is our plan! We’re hoping to start production on it, right after we finish the sequel to INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Devlin also stated he always hoped Stargate would grow and offered he was okay with his Stargate going in a different direction.

I had always hoped so. We wanted to build a universe with STARGATE.

And when it did succeed – even in somebody else’s hands – we were very pleased about that.

He continues with mention he has another story idea.

Clearly, they did an amazing job at building a loyal fanbase. So I have no criticisms for what they have done. I had another story mapped out. I’d like to tell that story. And we are hoping to do that soon. 

You can catch “The Librarians” Sundays at 8pm ET on TNT.

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