Star Wars: Mark Hamill Meets Natalie Portman For First Time At Golden Globes

Luke Skywalker finally meets his mom, Padmé Amidala.

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Meets Natalie Portman For First Time At Golden Globes

Mark Hamill meets his Star Wars mom for the first time, Natalie Portman, at the recent Golden Globes held on Sunday night.

The actor posted a pic on Twitter of the two together.

“Now I have finally met my ‘mother,’ thanks to the Golden Globes,” tweeted Hamill was has been viewed 13.9 million times.

Mark Hamill is of course known for his portrayal of Luke Skywalker in the iconic Star Wars saga, with Natalie Portman, who portrayed Padmé Amidala, in the prequel movies.

The encounter at the Golden Globes marks a significant moment for Hamill, who has now completed the on-screen parental meetings within the Star Wars universe.

His prior rendezvous with Hayden Christensen, the actor behind Anakin Skywalker, solidified the bond with his on-screen father who went on to become Darth Vader.

Both actors recently appeared in Disney Star Wars, with Mark Hamill in The Mandalorian and Hayden Christensen in Ahoska.

Last month also saw Natalie Portman offer up she wouldn’t mind returning to Star Wars.

She said “no one has asked” her about returning to the franchise at this point, but noted, “I’m open to it.”

“It was the first time I worked digitally,” she added about working on the prequels. “I don’t think anyone was shooting that way then. It was my first time working with a green screen. It was a whole new set of skills to pick up and a whole new world to enter.”

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