Star Wars: Episode VIII Luke Skywalker Scenes Rumored



A batch of rumors for Star Wars: Episode VIII involving scenes with Luke Skywalker have hit the net.

These come from a Star Wars fan site out of Italy that claims someone-in-the-know has seen concept art and/or storyboards revealing the scenes.

Obviously it’s not known how legit the info is, but the scenes sound pretty cool as they involve Luke Skywalker teaming with Rey against Kylo Ren and probably Benicio Del Toro’s character, who is said to be a villain of the movie (probably saving Snoke for Episode IX à la Return of the Jedi).

Translated via Bing:

In the scene we have Luke and Rey. The two, in the rain, they seem committed to training with Lightsabers, Luke with the historic green and Rey with that blue, belonged to his new master and even before Anakin Skywalker. The planet is the sameon which we find Luke in “the awakening of the force” (as revealed by Pablo Hidalgo, the planet is called Ahch-to). The clothes are very similar to those of the conclusion of the film.

Translated via Bing:

The scene is called ‘ epic ‘, although the realization of designs appeared simpler than its predecessor. Turning to thedescription: war scene. It is sunset. The planet seems to be the same on which we find Maz Kanata in “awakening of force”but with a Palace/Temple much bigger. (we can assume that the Palace/temple to Yavin 4? The similarity between the planets is there, the Palace/Temple more just as large). The war is raging and the resistance (or at least an entity comparableto it) is clearly struggling, on the verge of defeat. Chewbacca is at an angle to secure a figure wound, while seems to launchof shout. Kylo Ren is on the battlefield with the usual three-blade lightsaber but with him we find another character armed with a lightsaber red (another Knight of Ren? Recall that Benicio del Toro has effectively confirmed, repeatedly, be involved in the film and some rumor would seem to indicate a villain).

Near the figure of Kylo Ren there is a Post-It says ‘ stronger than ever . You see an incoming ship, whose door is coming down, harassed by the fire of the Stormtrooper. On the tailgate there are Luke Skywalker and Rey who, by using force, pushing away the soldiers of the first order. Dropped on the battlefield begins comparing with Kylo Ren and the second obscure figure.

In this sequence Luke seems to have a different look, with hair and beard more manicured and similar to that of the lastpicture we see Mark Hamill. The clothes seem to recall those of Obi-Wan in episode I except to have the sleeves and a whiterobe.

Star Wars: Episode VIII has a newly announced release date of December 15, 2017 directed by Rian Johnson.