Star Wars: Carl Weathers Supports Gina Carano


Carl Weathers comes out in support on social media of his fellow Star Wars and The Mandalorian star, Gina Carano.

Weathers, who plays Greef Karga and who directed an episode of The Mandalorian, tweeted Tuesday, “Go Gina.”

“So wonderful to have the opportunity to work with the beautiful Gina! She’s making her way through a very demanding industry as an artist and crafts person. And she’s hitting so many of the right notes. Nothing but upside awaiting her!” tweeted Weathers.

Carl Weathers’s comments are in response to a video interview where Carano has good things to say about him.

“Me and Carl speak a special language I feel. We’ve both been action actors for a while. I just think he understands where I come from. He is an artist to his core,” says Carano.

Gina Carano Star Wars

Fans fed up with Disney Star Wars

It’s nice to see Carl Weathers support Gina Carano on social media especially following how Disney Star Wars has not supported Carano, but instead chose to support Krystina Arielle who tweeted racist tweets against white people.

Fans are again getting fed up with Disney Star Wars as the company continues to insult its fanbase, and bringing back Luke might not be enough.

There have been rumors that Disney also wants to get rid of Gina Carano where I can speculate that if that happens, that will be the last straw and fans will never return.

I recently canceled my HBO Max subscription, and I am a hair away from pulling the trigger on Disney Plus.