‘Silk’ Spider-Man Spinoff Dead At Amazon Prime Video

Centered on Korean-American heroine Cindy Moon who is bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker.

silk spider man spinoff dead amazon prime video

The Sony Silk: Spider Society Spider-Man spinoff won’t be happening at Amazon Prime Video.

The series has been in development for about five years, where a recent report stated Amazon wanted the show refocused for a male-skewing audience.

Well, now it is learned Amazon has passed on the Silk series completely.

Worth a mention is that the news follows the big failures of Sony’s Madame Web and Marvel Studios’ The Marvels.

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Sony shopping Silk around

The latest comes via Deadline who reports how at Prime Video’s recent Upfronts that Amazon announced the Nicolas Cage Spider-Man Noir series, but nothing was said about Silk.

The site explains the reason nothing was said about Silk is because Silk is not happening at Prime Video and that Sony is now shopping the series around.

Angela Kang, known for The Walking Dead, was supposed to be the showrunner, writer, and executive producer, but since she has a deal at Amazon MGM Studios, she’ll work on other projects instead.

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What happened?

Regarding what happened, Deadline goes over how Silk has been in development for years. They say Silk under Angela Kang was only going to get greenlit at Amazon depending on whether they liked the script, which Deadline says went through three versions.

Similar to the previous report, Deadline further says they hear Amazon requested for Kang and her writing team to reconfigure the show so it wasn’t hanging so heavily on the central character of Silk.

The Ankler previously reported the show convened a writers room just prior to the strikes, but following the strikes, Amazon fired all the writers except for Kang.

Deadline claims that Kang’s latest pitch for Silk was well-received by Amazon, but claims after discussions involving budgets, Amazon opted to go with the Nicolas Cage Noir series, and shelve Silk.

The Silk series was previously described as centering on Korean-American heroine Cindy Moon who is bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker, which gives her similar powers and she goes searching for her missing family. 

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