Sharon Stone Teases Janet Van Dyne For Ant-Man & Wasp Movie?


sharon stone ant man wasp

We may have found our Janet Van Dyne for the Ant-Man and Wasp movie.

In what might see a reunion of Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone lets it be known she has been cast in a Marvel movie.

The kicker? 

It’s for a “wee” role.

“I am going to do a Marvel movie,” Sharon Stone told James Corden. “I’m just doing a wee part in a Marvel movie, upcoming, and I can’t tell, because you know, you have to sign confidentiality agreements. But I’m going to do a wee part in a Marvel movie now. That’s it.”

Sharon Stone starred with Michael Douglas back in 1992 on Basic Instinct. It’s possible Stone may reunite with Douglas on the sequel to Ant-Man as the “wee” part could be a reference to Janet Van Dyne who got lost in the quantum realm as a result of shrinking too much. Michael Douglas plays Hank Pym.

“Ant-Man and the Wasp” has a July 8, 2016 release starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly.