Shailene Woodley Wants To Play Mary Jane In New Spider Man



With Marvel and Sony rebooting Spider-Man, maybe Shailene Woodley will get a second chance to play Mary Jane.

Woodley actually filmed scenes for Amazing Spider-Man 2, but was cut from the film.

Now with the reboot, maybe she’ll be back.

“Oh. Yeah. I didn’t know that, actually. That’s amazing. Heck, yeah,” Woodley responded to Clevver Movies about playing Mary Jane for Marvel.

It’s unknown what direction Sony and Marvel are going with Spider-Man, but the most recent rumor stated they are going with a 15-year-old Spider-Man, so Woodley at 23 years of age might be too old.

Spider-Man is thought to be appearing in Captain America: Civil War in May 2016 and a standalone film in 2017.

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