Secret Wars Korvac Saga Announced By Dan Abnett



Marvel has announced this Summer will see Dan Abnett pen a new version of the Korvac Saga for Secret Wars with art by Otto Schmidt.

According to Newsarama, the all-new Korvac Saga will see Abnett’s Guardians 3000 in service of Korvac, who is lord of the Battleworld domain known as Forest Hills (a version of New York, and where Korvac originally fought the Guardians and Avengers).

The team is set to go up against a neighboring domain (Holy Wood) led by Wonder Man who also has his own team of heroes – Avengers – consisting of Captain Marvel, Jocasta, Black Panther, Hercules, the Vision, Moondragon, Yellowjacket and Black Widow.

Abnett describes his Korvac as the one who brought back both the Avengers and Guardians after killing them and then regretting it: “noble, determined, high-minded and essentially trying to rule fairly and justly, and look after this people. He’s not a bad guy. The Guardians are his police, his bodyguards, his retainers. They are loyal to him because they believe in him. But there’s a dark, dark menace arising in his kingdom that threatens his rule, his people, a lot more besides…”

Abnett also describes the book as: “a shocking story, very unusual. A villain who isn’t a full-on villain, and foe that even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes can’t stop. It’s, I think, the original Guardians’ most epic, classic story, and it makes Korvac their number one foe, their classic adversary, their arch-nemesis.”