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Secret Villain In Spider-Man: Far From Home?

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/06/2019 - 16:17 COMMENT
Secret Villain In Spider-Man: Far From Home?

The new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer dropped today offering a slew of spoilers and surprises, which follows the events from The Avengers: Endgame, and may have hinted at a secret villain or two.

The biggest surprise saw mention that Mysterio is from another Earth and that the Multiverse exists within the MCU (something already confirmed in Doctor Strange).

In the comics, Mysterio happens to be a Spider-Man villain, but as teased at the Brazil Comic-Con and now in the new trailer, Mysterio is apparently a good guy who teams with Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Far from home

Spider-Man and Mysterio Team Up

"Mysterio is a cool new hero that has been recruited by Nick Fury because of a threat that is facing the world and he teams up with Spider-Man to face that threat," Jake Gyllenhaal revealed at the Brazil Comic-Con.

Tom Holland also added, "The amazing story in this film is the relationship between Spider-Man and Mysterio. It's not your average story. We are brothers in arms. We are a team, and we are teaming up to take down this crazy force, which is the Elemental."

So as we see, Mysterio is apparently a good guy from another Earth and dimension, but already some fans are calling that into question thinking that Mysterio is lying.

But what if Mysterio isn't? (Possible MAJOR spoilers follow)

Jake Gyllenhaal Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio

Is Mysterio a hero or a villain?

Could it be possible that Mysterio is actually a superhero on his Earth as it is an alternate Earth in the Multiverse? So if both Spider-Man and Mysterio are good guys, that means there must be a secret villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

My 15-year-old son is actually the one who pointed this out as Jake Gyllenhaal says, "We could use someone like you on my world."

Samuel L. Jackson then says, "Beck is from Earth. Just not ours. The Snap tore a hole in our dimension."

Peter replies to Mysterio, "You're saying there is a multiverse?"

Now pay attention to what Fury says: "We have a job to do. And you are coming with us."

Nick Fury Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man far from where?

Hmmm... Coming where?

Also note the official title for the movie: "Far From Home."

Is Spider-Man going into the Multiverse to Mysterio's alternate Earth? Is that why he is "far from home" and the whole vacation storyline is just a way to throw fans off?

It could be possible that the Elementals are not actually illusions created by an evil villain Mysterio, but leaked into our world because of The Snap, which sees the alternate Earth Mysterio come to our world to recruit someone to help him. What is also interesting is that Mysterio says he can use someone like Spider-Man on their world, which means there is no Spider-Man (and possibly Avengers) on this alternate Earth. It also sounds as if Mysterio is stating that his Earth is in some sort of trouble.

Regarding Mysterio lying, the trailer seems to show that Fury and SHIELD have some sort of tech that is keeping track of the potential breach and Elementals, so this would possibly shoot down the Mysterio lying theory. There is also the fact that this new trailer showed a ton of footage and basically the entire plot, which is rather out of the ordinary for Marvel to do. In addition, Marvel basically only shows footage from the first 15 minutes of the movie, so the remainder could very well take place on Mysterio's alternate Earth within the Multiverse.

So the question remains, if Mysterio is not the villain, then who is?

Marvel Secret Wars

MCU Secret Wars?

Checking the comics, this does sort of sound like the 2015 Secret Wars event which involves the destruction of the Marvel Universe and various other alternate universes. We know the MCU doesn't copy the comics, so this could be the start of the MCU version of Secret Wars in some form. It's possible Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home eventually lead to Avengers 5: Secret Wars where the outcome is one unified MCU Earth that also introduces the X-Men and Fantastic Four as well. Feige has confirmed the X-Men are years away.

The villains in the 2015 Secret Wars comics were Molecule Man and the Beyonders. I'm also wondering if Kang the Conqueror might somehow be involved. Last year saw Avengers: Endgame spoilers mention Kang, and while Kang obviously didn't appear in Endgame, a lot of what is said in the spoilers have been right on the money. Could Robert Downey Jr. be the big bad of Phase 4?

Let us know your own theories in the comments below.

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