Scott Adkins Addresses Batman Leak


Prior to Ben Affleck getting the role, Scott Adkins actually tried out for the role of Batman, with his audition tape recently leaking online.

Now the action star takes to social media to address all the fan reaction and the leak in a video posted to Twitter.

Hey, guys, it’s Scott Adkins here. Last day of filming on Mexico on Seized. And what I wanted to do, I thought I better get on social media and address this situation that happened the past week with my audition for Batman, which has been leaked online. No idea how that happened, but it has happened, it’s out there, nothing I can do about that now, but I just want to say, to be honest, I don’t mind because it’s a good audition. Shows what I could have done with the part. It was an audition I did in 2013 when I was in China.

The response has been really positive to be honest, so I appreciate that. But I think we all know they are not going to let me play Batman. But maybe one day Hollywood will give me the opportunity I deserve and I’ll get to play a nice meaty part in a big Hollywood blockbuster, but until that day, I will continue giving you top quality action films… Guys, again. Apprecaite the support.  Let’s be honest we know who the real Batman is. I’m just kidding. See ya.

Check out the video where Adkins offers his Batman impression at the end:

While we see Scott Adkins isn’t going to play Batman anytime soon, watch the leaked audition tape below. It is currently rumored that Matt Reeves is looking for younger actors between the ages 26-31 or so to play the new Bruce Wayne. The movie opens June 25, 2021. 

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