Scoop Confirmed: Dwayne Johnson Attempted To Take Over DC Films

Details come about from a scathing report about The Rock and Hollywood.

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My DC insiders are 100% right again as now The Wrap confirms what I told you back at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con about Dwayne Johnson wanting to take over DC films.

Back then I was told Henry Cavill could be returning to DC, and then Cavill appeared in the Black Adam post-credit scene in October. I was told Cavill wanted a hefty paycheck to return as Superman.

I was also told Zack Snyder could return to DC if he wanted to; well, as of late, Zack has talked a lot about doing an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.

Regarding Dwayne Johnson, I was also told that Dwayne Johnson wanted to take over the DC films universe.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and producer Hiram Garcia

“Positioning Seven Bucks to run DC

Now in a rather scathing report about Dwayne Johnson, The Wrap confirms that Dwayne Johnson met with David Zaslav about taking over DC (Grace Randolph also previously confirmed my info):

Matters all came to a head in 2022 when Johnson and Dany Garcia met with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav on not only inserting Superman back into “Black Adam,” but according to four insiders with knowledge of the meeting, positioning Seven Bucks to run DC and replace then-chief Walter Hamada.

An individual close to Seven Bucks said the meeting was about “Black Adam” and an introduction to Zaslav who had just taken over the studio. This person denied that the meeting was aimed to pitch Hiram Garcia as a replacement for Hamada.

Garcia wasn’t hired to run the unit, and Johnson and Seven Bucks were evicted from DC shortly after the hiring of James Gunn and Peter Safran to run the division. Additionally, former Superman actor Henry Cavill fired Dany Garcia as his manager as a result.

Superman: Legacy
Superman cast image via James Gunn Instagram

James Gunn rebooting with the DCU

The mention of replacing Hamada is also interesting as THR previously reported that Hamada was against using Henry Cavill as Superman in the Black Adam post-credit scene, as reportedly, Hamada wanted to move away from the Zack Snyder stuff and wanted to do his Black Superman.

THR said that Johnson went around Hamada to the heads of WB films, De Luca and Abdy, who gave the approval.

Recall how my insiders told me De Luca had big plans for continuing the Snyder Verse involving Ben Affleck back as Batman.

So what happened according to what I have been told is that David Zaslav demanded the DC films universe be rebooted with cheaper talent. From my understanding, that’s when James Gunn, who had already been developing his Superman movie, took over along with Peter Safran.

I’ve been told not to blame James Gunn but Zaslav.

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