Ron Perlman On Hellboy 3: “We Owe It To The Fans”



Ron Perlman has been hitting up the social networks in an attempt to grab attention for a third Hellboy film. 

Now the latest is that while speaking with IGN, Perlman offers they owe it do the fans to complete the trilogy.

“…it’s the deal we made with the public by making installments one and two. Clearly we’re not finished,” Perlman said. “We’re not finished until we find out whether this guy’s is going to meet his destiny or whether he’s going to find a way to avoid it. So that’s what the third installment would be and that’s why I got on my soapbox saying ‘We owe it to the fans and it’s essential that we finish this – it’s too good an idea to not do.’ And so I will now shut my mouth and leave it up to the gods and the fates.”

Regarding the fates, Perlman offers Hellboy could always see the light of day on TV, but it be without him under the makeup.

“Anything’s possible. It won’t be me playing him,” Perlman offered. “The only time I would ever go back to do Hellboy is to do the third and final installment of the trilogy. Which is why I’ve been yapping away and opening my big f**king mouth on Twitter and all that sh*t.”

Ron Perlman also offers details on Hellboy 3’s direction.

“It seem that way. People encourage me – ‘Yeah come on Ron. Be an a*shole some more. Come one, come on. You do it so well.’ Guillermo [Del Toro] shared with me what the third and final instalment would look like and it’s incredibly theatrical, it’s highly charged, it’s got huge dynamic to it and it’s very cinematic.”