Robotech Movie Gets Wonder Woman Writer Jason Fuchs

robotech movie jason fuchs

robotech jason fuchs Robotech Movie Gets Wonder Woman Writer Jason Fuchs

Sony’s live-action Robotech movie continues to move forward as it now has Wonder Woman scribe Jason Fuchs on board as writer.

Deadline reports Jason Fuchs will be co-writing Robotech with IT movie’s Andy Muschietti who was announced as the Robotech director back in July.

According to the report, Robotech is a high priority at Sony.

Originally released in 1985, Robotech is a sweeping science-fiction anime epic in which the human race finds itself on the brink of annihilation and under attack by a fleet of gigantic alien warships capable of destroying the Earth in a split second. Their only hope for survival lies within the secrets of Robotechnology, which allows humans to develop powerful transforming robotic systems and interstellar spacecraft. The critically-acclaimed U.S. TV series follows three generations of heroic characters who adapt this robotic technology from a crashed alien starship to defend against numerous alien invasions.

Robotech is based on the 1985 animated series from Harmony Gold US and Japan’s Tatsunoko Productions TV which recently debuted on Sony’s Crackle network.