Robert Kirkman Missing Comic-Con; Wants Deadpool Trailer Leaked



Robert Kirkman will not be attending this week’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Following not being able to attend the recent Image Expo last week, Kirkman let it be known he also won’t be at the SDCC due to throat surgery.

“Unfortunately, after years and years of being healthier than my physique would indicate I had to have minor surgery on my throat,” Kirkman posted on “Nothing serious, but in the aftermath of such a fun experience, it comes with a brief duration of time where I’m unable to speak so all that pink business inside me can heal. As luck would have it, that period of time overlaps with Comic-Con.”

Two panels for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead are scheduled for this Friday at Comic-Con, and Kirkman was scheduled to attend Skybound panels as well.

Kirkman notes it will be his first time missing Comic-Con in ten years, but looks forward to next year and hopes to see the new Deadpool trailer in some  form.

“This is the first Comic-Con I’m missing in well over a decade. While I’m bummed that I can’t be there, there’s nothing keeping you from enjoying all the fun events… I plan on making my triumphant Comic-Con return next year, you’ve been warned. Until then I’ll just be catching up on work and eating a lot of ice cream. So go to a panel, buy an overpriced hotdog, and think of me when you’re buying Transformer toys. I wish you all a fun and safe Comic-Con. Someone please be sure to bootleg the Deadpool trailer for me!”