Robert Englund Wants Another Nightmare On Elm Street

Robert Englund Wants Another Nightmare On Elm Street

With Robert Englund set to reprise as Freddy Krueger tomorrow on The Goldbergs, the 71-year-old actor says he wants a return to Nightmare On Elm Street.

While appearing on All Access, Robert Englund is asked since Halloween has been such a huge success, is he getting calls about another movie for Freddy?

“Listen. It would be Freddy vs Viagra,” Robert Englund at first joked. “I think they want to reboot the franchise, but they’re gonna need a new actor. They’re gonna need a new actor to play Freddy because they’re gonna have to do eight of them. I might have one left in me… but yeah.”

Robert Englund also revealed he was involved with the first Halloween movie as he and a friend were responsible for throwing the dead leaves around so it looked like Autumn in the mid-west.

The most recent reboot of Nightmare On Elm Street in 2010 starred Jackie Earle Haley but was only considered so-so. Maybe the reboot could take a page out of Halloween and sort of be like a sequel to the first Nightmare On Elm Street and ignore everything after?

The Goldbergs Halloween episode featuring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger airs Wednesday Oct.24 at 8/7c.

Watch more in the video below:

Robert Englund Nightmare On Elm Street