Liefeld Reacts To Deadpool News

Rob Liefeld Reacts To Deadpool Toon News

Earlier it was learned the planned Deadpool animated series has been canceled by FX network.

The adult comedy was set to premiere this year from Donald Glover and his brother Stephen, but FX cited “creative differences” as the reason for the Deadpool animated series not moving forward.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld offered his reaction to the news on Twitter.

A lot of fans are disappointed by the news of the Deadpool animated series getting canceled, but I’m not so sure if that is such a bad thing.

Marvel TV was in part behind the Deadpool animated series, which in my opinion, hasn’t been doing that stellar of a job with their Marvel properties.

The Marvel TV Netflix series are so-so (if that); Agents of SHIELD has been up and down and will most likely be canceled; Inhumans was simply awful, and I couldn’t imagine if any of Marvel TV’s Animation department were attached to the Deadpool animated series how bad it would be.

Rob Liefeld Reacts To Deadpool News

It could also be possible that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want to split the Deadpool brand, as the Deadpool animated series was reportedly not connected to the movies. Sound familiar Marvel fans?

The real disappointment is not getting to see Donald Glover’s version of Deadpool; however, there is a long shot the Deadpool animated series could still end up at FOX TV.

I will say in defense of Marvel TV, that the Marvel TV and FOX X-Men TV projects have been good (Legion and The Gifted), so just having Marvel TV involved doesn’t necessarily mean Deadpool would have been bad (emphasis on necessarily).

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