Rings Of Power Season 2 Reveals Sauron’s ‘Fair Form’

A Lord of the Rings fan site offers up details for the next season.

Rings Of Power Season 2 Reveals Sauron's 'Fair Form'

Amazon Prime Video’s Rings of Power Season 2 reveals casting news in that actor Gavi Singh Chera will apparently be playing the “fair form” of Sauron in the series.

We’ve already seen Charlie Vickers playing Sauron in Season 1, but I guess Sauron is a bit of a shape-shifter, so Season 2 will reveal his first form.

It’s my understanding that dudes like Sauron and Gandalf are not humans but angelic-type beings who when they come to Middle-Earth take on various appearances.

sauron fan art
Sauron fan art

Gavi Singh Chera playing “Original Form Sauron”

So according to a Lord of the Rings fan site, actor Gavi Singh Chera will be playing the original form of Sauron, where in the books it’s described as his “fair form” (I believe the books don’t specifically describe Sauron). The “fair form” is Sauron’s form that is meant to be looked at as “angelic” and “good” and accepted by the people of Middle-Earth, which he uses to deceive them (correct me if I am wrong).

“Gavi Singh Chera will play ‘SAURON’ in THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER Season 2. He will play the original form version of the character which is meant to be ‘angelic’ and ‘ethereal’ per sources,” tweeted the site.

The site also added, “In flashback scenes ‘Original Form Sauron’ (Gavi Singh Chera) will have long hair, in present day scenes in Eregion he apparently has shorter hair.”

sauron fan art 2
Sauron fan art

Additional rumors

What is interesting per the tweets is that for some reason, Sauron will be shown in his original form, assumed to be in the past, and then appear in that form again in the present day. I’m not all that familiar with the books but we’ve already seen Charlie Vickers playing Sauron in the present-day, so maybe since he’s been outed, Sauron needs another appearance and chooses his original version for some reason, a version hopefully that won’t be recognizable? Thanks to short hair?

Some other details the fan site mentioned for the Rings of Power Season 2 includes, “As was expected, most of the Rings of Power will be forged in Season 2 in Celebrimbor’s Tower and given by Sauron to different races. Unconfirmed as to which form will be distributing the rings.”

Another: “Can also finally confirm (Dr Nosy Report) that “Annatar” is a character name listed for The Rings Of Power Season 2. Though NO CONFIRMATION or evidence yet as to whether: Original Form Gavi = Annatar.”

Rings of Power Season 2 is expected to be released in 2024.

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