Actors Tease Green Lantern For DCCU



Do we have confirmation of a Green Lantern for the DC Cinematic Universe?

An actor tweeted out what looks to be confirmation that he has been cast in the DCCU.

Ricardo Segarra posted that he will be seeing the DC Cinematic Universe soon, and then tweeted out the Green Lantern oath with “in brightest day.” Searra also include the hashtags for Batman vs. Superman and Justice League.

Segarra was questioned about it on Twitter, replying to a fan: “I can not confirm or deny. But who wouldn’t want to be a Green Lantern?”

Ricardo Segarra’s iMDB page only lists a few movies that the actor has been a part of, but his resume does list that he has pro-wrestling and weight training experience.

In the DC Comics, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is of Latino descent as his father was a Chicano CIA agent.

Is Ricardo Segarra playing Green Lantern Kyle Rayner for the planned Green Lantern Corps movie in 2020?

Update: Lance Gross (Grey’s Anatomy, Crisis) may be teasing Green Lantern John Stewart as well, as the actor posted an image of the Green Lantern symbol on Instagram adding: “In brightest day.”

Update #2: Ricardo Segarra deleted the “In brightest day…” tweet, and also tweeted about Shazam.

Lance Gross:



In Brightest Day

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