Review: X-Men: Schism #1


The X event of 2011 has arrived and nothing will prepare you for the division that will rock the mutant world!

Jason Aaron and team forge a slow burn intro into this summers next blockbuster event, one that will eventually divide foe, friend and family into two separate factions. But this is not a thunderous opening salvo that will leave you gasping for air, rather, it is a well played chess match that gets all pieces into position before the catechistic change. It is well paced, and introduces some shocking new characters into the mutant world – children that will truly inherit the earth if not stopped! Though the actual “event” that will set man’s fear and hatred of mutants ablaze again isn’t quite original, the same type of set up was done before Civil War and then again as a precursor to Siege; it is the camaraderie between Wolverine and Cyclops that drives the story. Two men at completely different ends of the spectrum, form a bond of mutual respect that is deeper than friendship in order to preserve their race.

Though the Prelude issues focused on the inner thoughts of Cyclops, this issue is more about Wolverine and his duality between man and weapon. Aaron brings out the more “human” side of Mr. Howlett as he focuses on an aspect of Wolverine not seen since Jubilee was introduced – Wolvie as a mentor/father figure of a young female mutant. This time it’s Idie, from the pages of Generation Hope, that has struck a cord with Logan, and it is quite a nice moment that I hope will be explored more. My only disappointment in this story is the way Cyclops was portrayed. He came across as more of a “villain” than the real one, an aspect that automatically makes Wolverine the “hero” of the tale, and those that will eventually leave with him – on the side of angels. Paul Jenkins did an amazing job building up a great character in Cyclops in Prelude, and it is a shame it didn’t resonate more in these pages.

Good story with a great set up for things to come, and an ending that will shock every X fan! This is the tale that will forge the future of the mutant race! If you can get in on the ground floor running, as it will be an instant sellout (believe me!), – you won’t be disappointed! To quote the stars of this book,” You just wanna see what happens next, don’t you?” “Don’t you?” My answer is a definitive – YES