Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #3



So far, the first day at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning has gone off without a hitch. The school has been overrun by Frankenstein monsters with flame-throwers, the New York state inspectors have been turned into a Sauron and a Wendigo, and the very grounds of the school have been taken over by Krakoa the “Living Island!” And everyone thought the worst thing that could happen was to be sent to Principal Wolverine’s office for detention!
We are three issues in and Jason Aaron has got me hooked like a salmon on a fly reel! His vision for this book is explosive in action as well as character development. I am completely impressed with the way he not only has created such a vast array of characters, but he has actually developed them a little more with each issue. How many times have we read a book with tons of characters, only to care less about them because we only know their names and their powers? Not here! Aaron has taken his time to involve each of his creations, though you won’t see them continually, within the story and brings them a little closer to the reader’s heart each time. It is refreshing to see newer characters take the forefront for once, something that really makes this book stand out above the rest. 
Action, wit and a few surprise guests, help round out the best X book you will pick up today! Oh, did I say surprise guests? We wouldn’t want any spoilers here, so I’ll give you too subtle hints! Two are Avengers and one has been recently brought back from Marvel’s limbo of — “the not dead!”
You will buy this book because Wolverine is in it, but you will love this book for all the other characters! Kid Gladiator, Kid Omega, Idie, and (my personal favorite) Broo are cool enough to make you not even care if the ol’ Canucklehead is on the grounds! Great job to Jason Aaron for making this book so much more than just another Wolverine book!