Review: The Walking Dead #115


It has been ten years since Robert Kirkman pitched a deceptive idea to the heads of Image comics, one that would eventually make him into a multi-media juggernaut! Ten years of pushing the envelope and evoking feelings in fans that has caused them to have emotional ties to his characters, something that is rarely seen outside of the confines of characters developed by the “Big Two.” 

Today, the “Ten Year Anniversary” issue was released, but I wish that the tale given had as much pomp and circumstance as the promotions have been given. Not that it wasn’t a well crafted tale, it was, but it was merely nothing more than stage rehearsal for the big event.

Issue #115 is rich with Kirkman’s patented “check-in” style of writing prior to some serious shake-ups. We see Rick and Andrea discussing the decision of war, we see Michonne and Ezekiel discussing their potential, we see Andrea and Carl discussing who is in charge when Rick is gone. We “see” the build up, we are given the usual ominous undertones that Kirkman perfectly laces within his tales, but that is all we “see.” 

Coming off of an intense past few issues where your heart was racing through the entire tale, this one read like a checklist of sorts. Taking stock of weapons? CHECK. Touching base with all major characters? CHECK. Rick makes angry face at Neegan? CHECK. I understand that this is the “calm before the storm” but for the ten year anniversary issue I was expecting something on a grander scale.

Collect the covers, there are enough of them, enjoy the story but don’t expect too much and you will be fine. Save all that anticipation for the Season 4 debut this weekend and hopefully it will resonate more.