Review: The Walking Dead #111


As a tribunal converges in The Kingdom, Neegan pays a visit to our hero’s community in look for his monthly “tribute” unbeknownst to Rick! What happens when that “tribute” is not ready? All I’ll say is that you have to have “guts” to survive in the world of The Walking Dead!

Robert Kirkman continues to set the stage for an ultimate showdown between Neegan and Rick’s factions, but it is the journey to it’s eventual conclusion that has been quite intriguing. Steeped in suspense with an underlining of perpetual horror, this issue is another slow burn tale that gets all the players on the field to see how they play together. Andrea, Michonne, Rick, Ezekiel and Jesus prepare their troops for battle with a vast array of training techniques while miles away, Neegan has a plan all his own. 

Kirkman has a knack for creating multi-faceted characters that exude confidence, if not a sense of arrogance. None so far have even come close to the twisted narcissism of the Neegan character! He seems bi-polar, if not certifiably insane and his flippant tantrums, ranging from overtly coy to down-right brutal, make the reader hold their breath every time he enters the stage. He is fantastic because of his ever-swinging moral compass and Kirkman is brilliant for not just making him another Governor knock off.

Fast paced, this issue is over before you know it but the ending is another shocker that no one will ever forget!

Ah, Neegan, you are so witty!