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Review: Uncanny #1 (Diggle and Campbell)

Review: Uncanny #1 (Diggle and Campbell)

There are a lot of comics with the adjective “uncanny” in their titles these days. This new offering from Dynamite really is!

The protagonist in Uncanny #1 – I don’t really know if you’d call Weaver a “hero” — is a cussing, hard-assed man in a suit whom you would guess to be a spy. As far as I know, he is not.

What he is is a habitual gambler who has been making his way around the casinos of Singapore for a year. He seems to be slick but rather penniless, so he either goes for high stakes or doesn’t employ his uncanny ability well.

That ability is the superhuman talent to, by making skin contact, absorb information and/or certain talents from others. Think Rogue in a man-suit. He can only hang on to this information/talent for so long and then it’s gone.

Everything seems to be working well for a long while until along comes a gambler who is not as Weaver read him. That leads to chaos, a departure from Singapore (or at least he thinks that) and a meeting with a mad woman on a motorcycle named Maggie who, of course, offers Weaver a job right away.

Someone knows his uncanny talents, but Weaver doesn’t know who.

Writer Andy Diggle has put together a fine noir-feeling book with great mystery appeal, and it will be very interesting to see where this might lead.

Aaron Campbell’s art is good, stable and keeps your attention, carrying the action well, especially with small things like facial expressions.

Dynamite’s got itself a winner here. I will be back for more next issue!