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Review: Ultimate Comics Ultimates #25

I don’t normally read the Ultimate stuff, but after seeing the full page spread of the Hulk with a pair of Infinity Gauntlets telling the Avengers they were screwed I couldn’t resist.

As it is the Ultimate Marvel Universe a few things are different than what we are used to, and I felt the issue provided a good jumping on point, as well as an off point I suppose, but more on that later.


The story in itself was entertaining as we see our Assemblers are under attack from the Hulk as well as a pair of villains working behind the scenes. 

We are provided with everything we need to know, which is the mark of a good comic book as any issue could be somebody’s first.

However, the story seemed to come up short for me as it was a bit cliche and predictable: Avengers fight the Hulk with Infinity Gems, but of course, the Assemblers can’t be killed off so there has to be some sort of intervention.

Been there done that an infinity amount of times.

Now that’s not really the fault of the writer, I suppose, and Fialkov still does provide a cool story and a ton of action, but the reader is left wanting.

Regarding the jumping off point, the end sort of hints that a reboot of some sort is in the works, which could be a turn off for some.

And I was kind of left rolling my eyes when I realized nothing much was going to come of the Hulk wielding Infinity gems.

So nobody got screwed; well maybe the reader, perhaps.

The art for the issue was pretty good as Di Giandomenico and Ruggiero provided some detailed panels in regards to Reed Richards. How about when Richards “grabbed” a hold of Cap?! The issue isn’t without its faults artistically as in one panel Sue Storm look absolutely terrible, and there’s really no excuse for that, except for an approaching deadline, I guess.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #25 is overall an okay issue, needs some touch up work on the dialogue, but not a bad read by any means.

Fun issue.