Review: The Traveler #9


The Traveler was able to conquer Abaris’ scheme and escape the time prison Anachronopolis just in, well, time to enjoy a little R&R on his home world Earth. Boy, did he have it wrong!

Writers Mark Waid and Tom Peyer continue to put our cosmic miles-counter, Ronald Lessik, through his paces in this brilliant cosmic BOOM! Studios property while keeping us guessing at behind-the-scenes mysteries and tag team-ups upcoming.

This time around, The Traveler #9 finds Lessik utilizing his time-warping powers in stunning fashion while dealing with baddies – and memories – in a chorological tour de force that will lead to one of the oddest pairings in the BOOM! firmament.

Artist Chad Hardin brings Lessik’s adventures to life with fan boy appealing eye candy panels that smoothly tell Waid and Peyer’s story while subtly reminding us of what our boy Ronald is probably really capable of. A great job of storytelling. And unlike the muted tones of, say, Planet of the Apes, the sharp pallet of colorist Blond really makes Hardin’s work sing. Exactly what is needed on this type of book.

This is one of those books that really makes you long for time-warping powers … so you could see next issue quicker!