Review: Thundercats (2011): “Journey To The Tower Of Omens” Season 1 Episode 6 (Spoilers)


“Journey To The Tower Of Omens”

Excellent episode, one that saw more questions than answers.

The Thundercats continue their journey to discover the legendary Book Of Omens. The episode begins with Lion-O attempting to use the Sword Of Omens to see “Sight Beyond Sight” – to give them some direction, but to no avail. Tigra and Panthro are snickering in the back, with Cheetarah remarking Lion-O just needs to be sure of himself. We get a funny joke about Cheetarah helping Lion-O to use his “sword,” which I felt was good. Then, Snarf suddenly finds an entrance.

Mumm-ra is shown spying on the Cats, and we get a flashback scene to when Mumm-Ra first got ahold of the “Eye of Thundera.” We are witness to a huge sci-fi battle with what appears to be Mumm-Ra in league with other Thundercats. One of them manages to grab a crystal which transforms into the eye. Back to normal time, Mumm-Ra goes into his sarcophagus and then into something that resembles the Thundertank — the Mumm-Ra Tank?!

Meanwhile, as the Thundercats make way to the Book Of Omens they encounter numerous traps and obstacles (ala Indiana Jones). They don’t seem like the brightest bunch, imo, as Cheetarah said their were going to be traps – after they already encounted them. In one particular trap, water pours into a room threatening to drown them all. Panthro says he cannot swim, but the Cats just let him drown. Well, sort of — Lion-O attempts a save, but fails (why didn’t they grab him first?). Regardless, Panthro finds a way out at the bottom and makes the save.

Slithe is shown with his Mech Army, along with the lantern containing the essence of Jaga, which been leading them in circles. As Slithe is about to smash the lantern — the Mumm-Ra Tank appears! Mumm-Ra forces Jaga to reveal the path to the Book.

The Thundercats have passed all the tests, with Lion-O finally using “Sight Beyond Sight” revealing the Tower of Omens. As they enter the Tower, Mumm-Ra is there with the Jaga Lantern in hand! He doesn’t need Jaga anymore and goes to smash it. Cheetarah is too quick and makes the save, but not without getting blasted by Mumm-Ra! Tigra quickly tells Lion-O to go after the book!

Panthro vs. Mumm-Ra!

Last episode saw Panthro kick all kinds of ass. He does so here, as well! The bag of bones is no match for the might of Panthro!

But that isn’t Mumm-Ra’s true form!

Ancient Spirits Of Evil, Transform This Decayed Form Into — Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living!

And it’s AWESOME!

Fans of the original should be more than happy with this transformation. I thought it was superb!

Safe to say – The Thundercats can’t hold up to Mumm-Ra’s power. 

As Lion-O makes his way to the top of the tower, Mumm-Ra flies himself up. He has these huge bat-like wings!

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! Ho!

Cheetarah’s eyes light up! With the Jaga Lantern in hand she sprints up the walls of the Tower in a cyclone-like fashion.

Tigra is in awe! 

What about the other TCats! They don’t respond to the call!

Cheetarah smashes into Mumm-Ra! However, this is nothing, and only makes “The Ever Living” madder – he blasts her again! Jaga falls, and Cheetarah is left hanging – holding on for her life! The Lord of The Thundercats goes to help, but is blasted by Mumm-Ra!

Lion-O is not ready yet!

Jaga! Jaga!

Jaga unleashes his last remaining light, and in an awesome display of white light forces Mumm-Ra to flee!

A tiny yellow ball of light then comes from the Lantern and unlocks the Book Of Omens, which is held high in the air.

The book comes down into Lion-O’s hands!

It’s empty!

Why didn’t all the Thundercats respond to the call?!

Why is the book empty?!

And where is the darn intro?!

I’m on the edge of my seat watching this new Thundercats; the show’s creators seem to be taking their time, letting the story unfold revealing bits of mystery and intrigue along the way.

Each episode gets better and better!