Review: Suicide Squad #2


Glass and Dallocchio unleash their second installment of Suicide Squad on the masses, blasting your senses across the page like a hollow point to the head!

Amanda Waller drops her band of misfits into their first mission, retrieve the "package" and kill eighty thousand people in the process! As you can probably guess, nothing is as easy as it seems when the "Squad" is involved, and by book's end — one of their own lies among the piles of dead.

This is the quintessential book for those looking for the more "mature" stories that have become more prominent in the DCnU. Full of slaughterfest theatrics and a hint of witty banter, this book is a no holds barred look at what bad people can do when they are given vague orders and buckets of bullets. Though lean on character development, I couldn't tell you who half of these characters are, it is the overall feel of the book that draws you in and ensnares you in a world of destruction.

I really enjoy this book but it does have one resounding issue. The art is too inconsistent! Most of the book is excellent, but then you turn the page and the next five panels just lack the quality of the previous pages. Two artists just seem to muddy the waters, and in order to keep readers in such a fickle market, you should bring your best every time.

This book will not win the award for most prolific piece of literature in 2011, but it will smash you in the face with overwhelming action, pure adrenaline and a heaping helping of good ol' mayhem. If you like your books bullet ridden and seeping in blood — make sure you save three bucks fan boys, this ones for you!