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Review: Shadowman #4

Review: Shadowman #4

The Shadowman series culminates in issue four with astounding action sequences and more than a little intrigue to whet your appetite. Let’s just say this book has it all!

The battle in the Deadside continues as Shadowman realizes that he is not only there to save Alyssa. He is there to battle Mr.Twist to the death as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Not only would he lose Alyssa to the hands of nefarious soul draining ghouls if he loses, he would become the catalyst for Master Darque to roam the world once more!

The writing abilities of Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher have become synonymous with pure adrenaline! Shadowman is a constant barrage to the senses both visually and conceptually, each issue leaves you breathless! Issue four is the pinnacle of all out action layered with deep intrigue and heaps of emotional duress. A fledgling hero with untested powers is all that stands between the tyrannical return of unfettered madness to the world and certain death — of course there will be emotional duress! But this book isn’t all about the action, Jordan and Zircher have begun to flesh out Shadowman as a character, his lack of trust in himself, his acceptance of his new found powers and his bond with Alyssa are all explored here. It gives the reader a much needed look at Jack Boniface as a person dealing with all the strange predicaments he now finds himself in, especially taking on the mantle of Shadowman! 

Patrick Zircher’s art is overtly majestic, exuding pure excitement from every page! Every diminutive detail has been scrutinized, highly rendered to the finest detail and executed flawlessly, creating a book filled with 32 pages of masterpieces! For my four dollars, there has been no other book that I can say has been continually this visually stunning in recent months. Completely stunning!

Valiant has been putting out some amazing books since their debut last year and Shadowman has been one of the best! You owe it to yourself to dive into the Deadside, you only have your soul to lose!