Review: The Mighty Thor #12


Today, it seems like all the Avengers books are wrapping up their current storylines in neat little packages. Could it be a certain movie that is forthcoming, or perhaps a crossover that has been hyped for six months? Either way, both New Avengers and The Mighty Thor finish their current arcs today and they go out with a — BANG!

Although I initially did not relish Fraction’s current arc – Tanarus and witches and trolls oh my – this conclusion story is exactly what I have come to see! The return of Thor and the rise of Asgardia as the sanctuary for the Nine Realms, has been outstanding! Full of battle heavy excitement and camaraderie, you cannot help but get swept up in the euphoric wave of clanging swords and war cries! But it is the revelation to all Asgardia that the one true Odinson has returned that gets your adrenaline pumping! It is classic and pure, reminiscent of all those Thor tales from long ago.

Fraction has brought this series back full circle to how he began it. Action, intrigue and the wonder that is involved with great Thor stories, you will find them all inside this issue. But my favorite part is that you are actually hearing the entire tale by a character telling it as a bedtime story. It is a great way to bookend the issue, and gives it a more mythical feel, something vast and epic. Plus, we learn the final fate of two characters that have gone through so much, that their reunion is one of pure joy. 

This is an issue that only those who have been reading the current arc will truly understand. So, if you are one of the last to cling to the Avengers ever growing bandwagon, I suggest waiting until next month to begin your quest for all things Avenger. But for those that have been hanging on the edge of your seats these past few months — GET THIS BOOK NOW! By the time you finish the final page, you will be saying,”All Hail Asgardia!”