Review: The Kids Of Widney High #1


A diseased world exists. One where crime and hatred run rampant. The diabolical Professor Groofball seeks to rid the planet of those he deems unfit, those who are not in accord with his definition of normalcy!

However, Groofball’s plans are flawed. As much as Groofball himself may feel as if he is in the right, he has made one fatal mistake, and that is — crossing the path of The Kids Of Widney High!

The Kids Of Widney High is a comic put together by a group of Special Education students who have collaborated with writer Tony Whitfield. The story is one of a moral lesson combined with super hero antics. Each of the students offers up a part of the story, both in a group setting and individually, with Whitfield combining them into one overall tale. Likewise, the art is done by many contributors as well, which reflects the change in direction pertaining to each students contribution. 

The story is your basic good guy vs. bad guy comic book, but it is one far from average. Each of the characters, which are the kids of Widney High themselves, gives a unique perspective of not only the world they live in — being “disabled,” but it forces the reader to second guess or pause and take a look at the very world “we” live in.  And this is where the book is such a success. As the various characters are shown to have super powers and fight the bad guys, it is how each of these characters are depicted and their reactions that offers “us” the lesson to be learned. 

The story in itself is easy to follow, though the ending may have needed a bit of fleshing out. The strong point of the book, and that which is most important, lies within the dialogue. Whitfield incorporates the dialogue directly from the sessions held with the students, which makes for a definite “real world” and original experience.  I found myself captivated and enthralled with each of the characters voices as the unique perspective they offered was not only a bit humorous, but emotional and sincere all in the same.

One of the most genuine stories I have ever read, The Kids Of Widney High is an entertaining and emotionally stimulating tale like no other.

Rock on, guys! 

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