Review: Heroes For Hire #6


"This week on Redemption Island we have two winners — Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning!" 

Finally, after the last few issues of sub-par writing and even worse visuals, Heroes For Hire fans can rejoice that the dynamic duo are back in full swing again! Not since issue three has this book felt as fun and exciting as it did when it first started. Well, not until now that is! I don't know if it was the return of fan fave Brad Walker back on art chores that kick started DnA, but whatever it was, it made a huge difference.

Misty Knight and Paladin are finally free from the diabolical clutches of Puppet Master, but that doesn't mean all is well. It is solely up to them to reinvigorate the Heroes for Hire franchise and prove that they are in complete control. With no other heroes to call upon for help, Paladin is now the only one to take out a freighter truck filled with the Atlantean super drug "Hook." But fighting off ninja with Atlantean swords isn't the worst of his troubles — he also has to contend with the blathering banter of "Our Friendly Neighborhood" Spider-Man!

This is an extremely fun read, full of all the intense action and witty banter that made readers fall in love with DnA in the first place.  It is smart and engaging, making you feel as though you are on a rollercoaster ride of pure adrenaline — not to mention the exchange between Paladin and Spider-Man is priceless! But the crowning jewel has to be the return of Brad Walker. There is something classic about his art. His thick line, pitch perfect facial expressions and creative character poses, seems to exude excitement throughout every panel. The combination of Walker and DnA is one that should never be messed with because they are the perfect compliment to each other.

If your interest had been waning over the past few months — fear not, there is not a missed moment of excitement in this new issue. My only complaint is with Marvel and it's continuing love affair with Baltroc the Leaper. What is so fascinating about this horrible character that he has been used with such fervor lately? No matter how you present him to me, I will not be swayed that he is any kind of badass villain! It's just not going to happen!

So rejoice H4H fans, for now, DnA and Walker have decided to dance together once more — and it's one hell of a tango!