Review: Guardians 3000 #8


Today we bid a sad farewell to Marvel’s only true Cosmic book, Guardians 3000.

It’s sad, really, that Marvel wouldn’t commit to this true example of Cosmic, but will commit to all the truly terrible pseudo-cosmic books like GotGINO, NINO, etc.

This issue wraps the series and paves the way for a re-telling of The Korvac Saga during Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event.  The quality of the writing and storyline is light years ahead of everything else Marvel is calling “cosmic” these days.

Abnett weaves a complicated and riveting ending to what would now be called a “limited series” with the G3K crew playing a pivotal role in using Korvac to try to correct the damage being done to the universe by Dr. Doom at the start of the Secret Wars event.

The art is much improved from the first several issues of this series and should be much more palatable to most readers.

I am truly sad to see this book ending.  I hope that Abnett’s retelling of The Korvac Saga continues the fine quality represented by this, Marvel’s only truly cosmic book.  Reward this quality by buying this book and leaving the pseudo-cosmic trash like NINO and GotGINO on the shelf.  That will send Marvel a message that there is a market for good quality cosmic