Review: Guardians 3000 #7


Sadly this is the next to last issue of G3K, and with Marvel’s hostility toward this, their only true cosmic comic book, it will likely not return from hiatus after the silliness of the “Secret Wars” event has reached it’s no doubt too long in coming and astoundingly annoying conclusion.

Interestingly, the apparent cause of the Secret Wars event debuts in this book – but since the zombies aren’t buying this book, I guess they’ll have to wait and read it in whatever generic Avengers title they’re buying en masse these days.

One of the highlights of this book is how it indirectly points out how small and petty Quill’s GotGINO team has become under Bendis and Gunn.  Star-Lord is pointed out as lacking in leadership skills and proves that point repeatedly over the course of the storyline.  This is not the leader of men that Peter Quill was in times past – a guy who could take out a Herald of Galactus single-handedly.  It is Bendis’ and Gunn’s twenty-something goofball who is repeatedly outclassed by the original GotG team.

And, of course, when the situation takes a turn for the worse, what does this weak, pitiful, farcical, buffoon-ish, Bendis-fied version of Quill do?  Hits the speed-dial button to call in the Avengers, as always.  Vance rightfully points out that the GotG are better qualified to handle the situation.  And Quill disagrees!  Jeez!  This buffoon version of Star-Lord has drunk the kool-aid and bought into Bendis’ propaganda.

I’ll go on record as not being that big a fan of the Korvac Saga, but Abnett is able to weave an interesting tale from that source material.  

Leon’s art and Delgado’s colors are vast improvements from the first five issues.  The teams look more like themselves and less like some abstract art version of the team.

Rush out and buy this book, and its TPB.  Quality needs to be rewarded, and very little of what Marvel is now calling “cosmic” has any quality to be rewarded.  Guardians 3000 is the shining antithesis of Bendis.  Rush out and buy this book!