Review: Daredevil #2 (2011)


Waid and Rivera hold no punches in their opening salvo of issue two, making this "Big Shots" book number one on my pull list!

Yes, I have a biased opinion in regards to Daredevil – it is the first book I truly collected after all – but even that doesn't overshadow how good this book is! I mean c'mon, when you open with Cap vs. DD on the rooftops of NYC — people will be salivating over all the actiony goodness! Plus, we get to see ol' Hornhead wield the shield! Who can ask for anything more?

Apparently Mr. Waid can! While the action is well worth the price of admission, Waid truly has his finger on the pulse of what makes a great Daredevil book. It is the cast of characters that surround Matt Murdock that helps bring levity to both the book and the character of Daredevil. Waid has a way of bringing forth subtle nuances to the characters that shows a respect for the nostalgia of them, and yet, adding just enough freshness to keep them interesting after all these years. I appreciate the way Waid has brought DD's powers back to the forefront of the book; it is something that has been missing for awhile and it truly gives him that uniqueness over all the other Marvel characters on the shelves today. That, and the use of the "Daily Bugle" page in the beginning of the book that helps readers catch up on all the happenings of our "street" characters — gives a fresh spin on a great character! 

Rivera's art has that classic comic book feel to it.  Clean lined with a bit of "pop" art flavor, it reminds me of John Romita Jr's days on my favorite hero. After all the dark, moody overtones over the past few years – which I loved by the way – it is great to see such a different style run through the book. One that mimics the tone perfectly for a new era of Daredevil!

If you love DD, you will love this book! Matt Murdock has emerged confident, slightly cocky and yet, constantly reminiscent on just how fast one can fall. If you've never tried DD, this is the time to let Mark Waid craft a new favorite character for you! The doors are open and the winds of change have blown all your preconceptions out the window. This is the time to climb to the rooftops and dive into the world of Daredevil with no fear!